Well, I realized just now that my daily ramble entry from the other day was posted on my other account. DAMN. Cringey. Annoying. But oh well. Shit happens.

Works been OK. Weird since like everyone is gone from this place. Last week a whole crew, now there's like 3 of us or something.

I requested a week off in February and it went pretty smooth and I think I'll get the days off. I was worried because I hate showing I may be unavailable. But I haven't missed a single day of work since September 20th and I am putting in the request like 4 months in advance. Even my boss seemed to appreciate that.

But yeah. Halfway done. No time to eat my pop tart but that's OK.

Missing my son, but almost done baby! Pay day tomorrow.

Wish I had more time to write, but posting like this feels more authentic? Natural? Idk LOL.

Hive on folks.