It's a cool interesting time of year, I'm glad I'm alive to experience it.

I had a pretty good night last night. My best friend invited me out to a bar to have some food and some beer, it was a nice time and we talked about a lot. We've literally been friends since we were four, and we will always be close in a different way that's hard to explain.

I hadn't drank in awhile and just a few beers had me feeling good. I woke up with a huge headache that is only fading now. That's the type of stuff that makes me hate drinking sometimes I swear.

But it was good.

Funny thing is that today is now my Bro's birthday. My best friend and my big bro's b-days back to back HA.

With the change of seasons and holiday season basically here, man it's just a nice time of year.

My son comes over later and that's just great as well.

A weekend of sports to watch and write about, can't ask for much more!

Just staying grateful and humble, Hive on folks.