Poem ✏️ | Love Hurts


I will stay away from love
I feel pain loving you
I can't the pain seeing you with another man
My heart is broken

Love is not meant for me
Tears flow down my cheek when I think of you
I thought our love was true and faithful
You left a wound in my heart and cause me pain
Now my heart is bleeding

I can never let go of the pain you caused me
You made me believe our love was fun
You played me and broke my heart
I will never forgive you

You were using me all the time we were together
I love you and left me
You set my heart on fire

I will never fall in love again
All my love for you was a waste
I am so confused now, don't know what to do
The pain inside me will never go away

Farewell to all the people I love
My love for everyone has end
I will try to regain all my lost
So goodbye to all my friends and lover