Original Poem ✏️ | Hidden Emotions



I understand life as a struggle
The reality in life seems impossible to me every day.
The meaning, secrets and mystery of life seems confusing to me,
I can't understand this.
Is so hard to understand the reason for all this,
I keep going the wrong direction with no end.
It's like chasing a shadow and going round like a circle.
I believe there must be reason to this.

Don't really know how I am feeling now,
I act happy and also act sad.
I feel like dying and also feel like living.
My existence is confusing,
Don't have a choice but to continue living.
I am so soaked in confusion and feeling of emptiness.

I have learned many things
Don't know how to express my emotions.
My emotions maybe buried to be hidden,
Soon enough they will rise in so many ways.
All my years of successful living of life,
Now is the point my suppression has loose it hold and is broken.
It has been forced out from it's hidden cover,
Causing me to have raging emotions in me.
Now I am left to deal with my endless raging emotions.