My Dairy Game : How I Spent My Day, 16th April 2021, written by @cryptofi

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing today? Actually this is my first time posting in this wonderful community. I'm a student and today I will be sharing my diary for 16th April with everyone.


My Diary

I'm a morning student, I woke up early around 6:30am because my lectures normally starts by 8:00am. I was jotting down some notes last night.

I then took my breakfast custard and bread and set out to school. Today's Friday.

IMG_20201218_093627_6.jpgMy breakfast, bread and custard.

We are having a combined class today in school and the lecture hall is far from where I live. I arrived at 8:15am and joined the lecture that has started already. Today we were learning about engines and machines. The lecture was impacting some knowledge inside me.

Snapchat-1448488876.jpgLecture hall

Me inside the lecture hall

After lectures I visited my coursemate house where I was treated nicely. She prepared some food for me and we discussed some topics concerning machines.

IMG_20200912_174441_513.jpgMe and my coursemate

After spending time with my coursemate, I finally got home around 6:00pm. A friend of mine visited me to spend some time with me, we played whot and watch some movies before he went back to his house.

And finally I was feeling dizzy and went to bed, that's how my day was spent.


Thank you all for reading.


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