My name is Olafisoye Ayorinde (A.K.A) corporateay.
[email protected]_art .
On this post I'll be talking about myself and how I got to know about Hive.
I was born into the family of 8, my father, my mother, 5 sisters and I. Although we lost my Dad on the 31st day of October 2013, we lost one of my sister too in the year 2019. I have my Mum and 4 sisters left. I am the last born in my family and the only male child.

I am a student of The Federal University Of Technology Akure(FUTA), currently studying Industrial Design and I am in my third year.

I have always loved art since I was a child, I used to remember when I was still a child, when am asked to sturdy I secretly go to the back of my book and start drawing, it got to an extent that my Dad had to stop me by all means from drawing because my grades in school started reducing, due to the fact that I use study time to draw. I later grew up and brought the spirit back alive with the help of friends who love to draw too. Since then I have made a number of artworks that are amazing and I will love to share them with you guys

I am a lover of good looks too, I have my daily workout routine, although not intense but good enough to keep me fit. I love eating, I love traveling, wasn't so good at public interaction but I have been training myself on that over the last few years.

A month before the total lockdown started here in Nigeria (February 2020) a friend of mine @marvinix introduce me to Hive. Before then I had little or no idea about blogchain or crypto world, all I knew was that bit coin increases almost daily and people are getting money from it. @marvinix enlightened me on some deep part of the crypto world and advised that I start with Hive, he also showed me couple of people's profiles, how they started and where they are now.

I also would love to be an active member of the leofinance platform as I have been told that they have a lot of great quality content creation and their engaging friendly users that talks about cryptocurrency and finance in general .

That will help me more on my cryto journey and enlighten me more about how the whole decentralised world works

I expect that me joining Hive will help me to learn more about the crypto world, increase my public interaction and give me a good blogging experience. Am also looking forward to having a good interaction, sharing ideas and making cool friends here.

Thanks for reading through, I would love to have your opinion about my introductory post and on how to be a successful blogger on Hive.

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Welcome olafisoye to HIVE you are here !!!!

Its interesting and great that you put your art and your family story into a blog and left it here on the blockchain, so welcome, welcome to the Hive movement and blockchain.

Thank you to @marvinix for onboarding and now Your first blog is up and on the chain, hope you feel relieved, and not afraid of what is coming your way in the comments.
We know it can be daunting and frightening because all is new.
If you want to read some history this is a blog about it.

But for now the new beginning, you will have fun blogging and vlogging I promise. But in the beginning it’s hard and all is new and maybe you need help. We have amazing people here and a help discord if you need it. I love blogging, and was a newcomer once aswell so i know the feeling. The biggest and best advice is always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !! I speak from experience !

What always will help you build your new hive account, and profile on here, is establishing relationships and the best way to build them is to comment on other people's posts, there are so many topics here, and there will always be one that is of interest to you but also be interested in them, by reading and upvoting. This will draw them to your own account aswell, where they will discover a little more about you and relationships take off from there, and comments and votes will be the next step. When you have a twitter account you van visit #hivelift for more information.

I use Peakd to post to Hive but Ecency is also a possibility. It’s a website, mobile and desktop application that improves your experience on Hive. If you are interested for Android download :, for iOS:, for desktop: apps that helps you to connect, and that’s what we do here !
You can also earn to promote and boost your content. Again If you are interested just some extra information in this early start of your journey here! Last is an option too. They work well and let me know if you have difficulty.

Good luck with with hive experience and I Will See you around and may you find here what you are looking for. Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to the big succes on the Blockchain.

Also you could join the the Terminal discord. Or visit @heyhaveyamet for more new arrivals, newbies exposure in the beginning is very important, and you can always learn from others.
Let me know if this was helpfull or if you need more help, or better see you in Discord
the Terminal.
Here is the invite its free,

Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie



Thank you very much, I really appreciate the time you took off to welcome and enhance my knowledge about blogging. It's true it seems too occupied but I must say that I feel more relaxed now that am in the system. I believe that as soon as I keep getting myself familiar with the site interface, Getting to know more people , reading their post and comments, I believe that I will get used to it like the common social medias we have out there. Once again I say thank you for the warm welcome. Hoping to see you at the top someday


Well it will never be like the common socials but more special and more difficult but that’s the challenge here. I have been here three years and still learn every week


Welcome to the Hive community @corporateay!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Seven suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, keychain and Hivelock,
  3. The master password is only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your passwords; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and
    be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. Do Not open any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @brittandjosie and @jamerussell from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Hivians available who can help you; you can click to go to The Terminal in Discord here:

Have fun and happy Hiving!