(WAX EVM + ETH bridge) / (Upland & external NFTs)(NFTs Rising star, Pizza, KOGs) & Much much more


WAX EVM news, Upland news, Rising Star update, & RFOX Vault Market auction. All of this info and more in todays write up, the beginning of which will be mostly for NFT developers or those looking to produce their own NFTs.

For average crypto users looking to make a profit the later portion of the write up will be geared more towards that end.

Upland & Partners

Big news for companies looking to produce NFTs Upland just signed its first ever licensing agreement with the NFL players association. The first f many brands already poised to enter the upland metaverse.

For those unaware Upland is a game Meta verse built on the ETH blockchain, In upland you own NFT properties that correspond to locations IRL.
So this is the NFT property I own in game & here is it on google street view.
Above is the proof that the NFT purchase is stored on the EOS blockchain. On this NFT property I can build a structure representative of either a players (my) in game Home or business both of which facilitate the Displaying in (Meta verse) NFTs. There are unique structures known as landmarks with their own design & functionality representing famous landmarks IRL as well.

The full article link is above Odiously this is a rather complex topic & I rather you get the info directly from Upland.

See this section of their Roadmap currently being developed is what interested me the most.
The problem with NFT production & I speak from experience is the cross platform integration and interaction.

I have already used their NFT portal to test it in game, as a proof of concept I believe their Devs connected it to their WAX NFT colection.

The UPLOAD token wasn't necessary and has not yet launched, but the NFT portal functions.
What your seeing here is their Meta verse keeping track of that same NFT on 2 separate blockchains.

So WAX NFTs, BSC NFTs, HIVE NFTs, Literally any blockchains NFTs theoretically could be uploaded into their Metaverse.

Once fully operational you could have NFT stores or gallery's cross Blockchain, and their damn close I wouldn't be brining it up if Upland where years off from having a working product.

If first Multi Blockchain Metaverse wasn't enough they can also correspond to businesses IRL, Introduce event only NFTs for that business.

In addition to the Upland Legits Upland has introduced the following ne NFT types.
Now with this aspect of their NFT Metaverse starting, properties, buildings, & their WAX NFT portal already launched.

Upland is looking like a major contender for the Best Social NFT metaverse across several if not all blockchains.

Want to check out this NFT metaverse yourself Its free if you dont mind using it my referral is below.
They give you a bonus or something on your first purchase but the game is free.

RFOX Vault

Before you think I'm working for Upland or some sh!t, this is another Meta Verse Consumer market project.

With Real world businesses being under represented without brick and mortar locations. A metaverse such as this would level the playing field giving them a social digital location instead.

The RFOX vault is a Metaverse that will be Tied into Rfox Labs other projects like Their Cashback Streaming service.
So things like Concerts or NFTs on demand can be facilitated through either their streaming service in said meta verse or the Metaverse itself.

KOGs holders get special privilege's this would be one of Rfox labs Many projects all interconnected eventually.

Metaverse billboard space advertising or project promotion through their NFTs, Every market is an NFT every asset an NFT and every building an NFT in this Metaverse.

So if your a business owner or know someone that would like a shop in the Rfox Vault metaverse they have a limited auction taking place in 5 days.
Again this is for business owners or maybe NFT producers they have been a little lacking on info pertaining to that as of yet. I do know that their projects are all based on BSC if that helps, My guess is BSC based NFTs should eventually be compatible from external BSC NFT collections.

WAX / ETH bridge and EVM

Ethereum may actually be getting saved by WAX, A PSA about the WAX Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). As well as a Ethereum Bridge for seamless token exchange.

Let me begin by saying this news isn't something I wanted to hear let alone write about because I hate ETH.
Most crypto users when it comes to ETH all we can say is its complicated as its the only nice thing to be said.

Why I even give this news attention is something rather miraculous WAX could effectively eliminate those gas fees from the equation.

For those unaware WAX does the most Transactions per protocol daily across all blockchains.
Given these immense levels of transactions it may surprise you to find out. That WAX uses 100,000x less energy than Ethereum, as proven by three years of 8,000 transactions per second on the WAX Blockchain.

On a daily basis, WAX has over 500,000 active users and 16-million daily transactions making WAX the most used layer-1 blockchain in the world.

Not to mention, this is all while remaining entirely carbon neutral.

How does the WAX EVM work?

Interfacing between blockchains has historically been difficult, if not impossible. There have been advancements in this area improving the odds of success in such an endeavor.

With the WAX EVM, smart contracts used on Ethereum will soon be able to be processed via WAX’s technology.

Acording to WAX this means quote

"So that must mean faster transactions and no ridiculous gas fees, right?"

"If that was your hope, then you’d be correct!"

"With the use of the WAX EVM, all of the smart contracts compatible with Ethereum can function on the WAX Blockchain without fees — and all of this while avoiding changes to the original coding and providing faster run times for smart contract users."

So all that ETH DeFi and Games I personally left for dead are about to get a massive upgrade. WAX will benefit from this relationship as well, as on boarding new Devs and projects has been tough for WAX.
Last pertinent quote about this monumental development

"Now available in Alpha, the Ethereum Bridge is accessible through the WAX Cloud Wallet. This means all six million of you (users) can transfer your assets both ways, including ERC20 tokens such as: ETH, BUSD, USDT and DAI."
On the bottom left side of your WAX cloud wallet you will find the Bridge and ETH DeFi.

Cardano has recently launched a very similar project recently

So as much as I hate it like Disney ETH just keeps finding its way back to the center of attention.

Side Hustle section

The Beginning of this write up got a little technical for the average reader probably wasted effort if I'm being honest.

However there are those on Hive that may be in need of Metaverse representation of their brand business ECT.

Average people like myself this type of information is wasted on so I figure share it on Hive there is a chance somebody whom may need that type of info sees it.

The ETH bridge and WAX EVM are an example of info more useful to everybody.

Now we are on to the tips for making the most out of your crypto and NFT portfolio.



For starters here is some info on the KOGs slam Play to earn mobile game.

Skip to 7:44 for the KOGs portion.
Here are the accepted answers for the haiku! For the recent guess those KOGs challenge. I did not win or even participate
in this challenge but they have competitions frequently.

I did however just get that Doge KOG out of a pack recently.
DOGE did and Does rule them all.

These competitions are on the KOGs discord which you can find on their site. Free they usually are something like this or occasionally KOGs Slam based their beta mobile game.

Winners get Packs of KOGs the Bounty board
This is the KOGs Bounty board, part of the reason the KOGs prices have gone up.

Being the first user to claim certain KOGs specified gets you a Pack of KOGs, which pack is dependent upon rarity.
Only a few on the bounty board claimed as this has just begun.
See with the colection completion active I actually make a quick turn over with certain KOGs provided the price you find them for is low enough. The next KOG of the same type on the market is a sizable distance away from the one you purchase in price.

Then shoot for just shy of the other listed KOG & boom quick profit provided the market doesn't receive more of the same type.

Or the market s kind of asleep at the wheel on this one.
Been sold out for months has far better odds & I have been finding them under original market price.
I bought like 4 at $12.50 today alone, though they are no longer selling these on the official market KOGs is funny in the way its distributed.
So its like NFT collectors can be mini Vendors adding 20 30 packs to a market that was sold out until they opened that crate of 30.

Given WAX dropping in price someone is short selling anticipating a rally.

I got HIVE sky high giving me an advantage I can just trade over from HIVE to WAX which is down in price. So the short sell a colection headed for the moon & I pay less due to market flux.

Given Splinterlands is connected to WAX & I can get SWAP.WAX on Hives trading platforms like Hive engine, Tribal DEX, & so on. The independence of both markets can be quite beneficial, how I knew to pick HIVE over WAX the Mining Rigs HIVE bought about a month ago.

Since both crypto appeared bullish it would be a difficult choice had I not known about that. All I'm saying set Google alerts for your investments, it helps.

Enough with the stalling lets unbox that bad lad

I got HIVE sky high giving me an advantage I can just trade over from HIVE to WAX which is down in price. So the short sell a colection headed for the moon & I pay less due to market flux.

Given Splinterlands is connected to WAX & I can get SWAP.WAX on Hives trading platforms like Hive engine, Tribal DEX, & so on. The independence of both markets can be quite beneficial, how I knew to pick HIVE over WAX the Mining Rigs HIVE bought about a month ago.

Since both crypto appeared bullish it would be a difficult choice had I not known about that. All I'm saying set Google alerts for your investments, it helps.

Roller coin


Holley shit this game just became profitable, If you played roller coin before their new Level system with rewards you need to get back in to roller coin.

For those that never tried it Roller coin is a play to earn crypto mining simulator game. Which users can either play games for or purchase in game miners to facilitate a Pseudo mining of real crypto.

DOGE, ETH, BTC, & their Crypto RLT

Now with the leveling system comes prizes, several of which are brand new to the game. including these Mining power temporary boosts which give your account the mining power of 1 or 2 PH/S for 1, 3, or 7 days

Just out of curiosity I have been logging in daily just to see how far the daily log in reward would get me. That's when I hit level 4 got one of these.
In one day this had mined a whole RLT Roller token, Its the Roller coin crypto I plan on buying miners.

However there are 3 of these you can get in this season (3 months) you could use these to mine DOGE, ETH, or BTC.
That level 9 prize is no joke 2 P H/S for a week, So if a RLT costs roughly $2 according to my math & I generated 1.2 RLT when I got that fist prize if you where to mine BTC in game instead which is actually faster to mine.

For the entirety of that week of free mining you would make a little over $25 in BTC. This can change as the mining rates for each coin change. Still log in and play some simple flash games for $25 in really not much time. If you where to try like 3 weeks tops but I just logged in and played some games recently, Before I just logged in to claim the daily XP.

When I realized the potential I started going hard in the paint completing all the challenges I could.
In a 2 day span I'm up to level 6 from level 4 the other day this is why I say focus on it you could level up in no time.

Yeah there are a great many prizes requiring the $300 Event pass but I'm not ever buying that sh!t I just figured I would see what paying nothing is capable of.
In this instance the free version isn't bad at all, first few prizes not that great but you get to level 4 and it starts improving in quality.

This is just season 1 cant wait until I see what prizes are in season 2 but I'm not wasting the 25 days I have left.

Rising Star


9 for 9 on the wrist bands thus far out of the Northern Europe Festival NFTs of which I need 12. So what happens when I get all 12?
This should tell you 2 things 1 I'm damn committed to NFTs, the second is you should be selling me the STARPRO. I'm just to busy to bother with this to earn the STARPRO myself, but if you want to be selling shovels in this gold rush this is how.
When in game in Rising Star you can choose the type of mission you want to play. You will need some STARBITS for this but you would select Music promoter
I deposited 1000 StarBits Pro To Bid on the Mid week support pools I recommend you deposit at least 3000 STARBITs.

These are live pools that go until 12 AM EUC if your Rewards POOL hits 0 or you dont generate enough rewards to qualify for pay out you earn nothing and loose everything.

I suggest you watch their tutorial but sufice it to say the Music promoter gets expensive quickly every bid you place on missions pays out Starbits from your rewards pool at the price you bid.
I will likely drop 10,000 STARBITS at this price to ensure I earn the rewards from all these without loosing them for rewards pool depleting.

For each mission I pay for from my STARBITS rewards pool I increase the % of the STARPRO paid.
So starting this at 7:30 AM where I live I have to ensure I'm neither out Bid nor run out of rewards. You dont want to deposit to much as they are not returned nor used just reset.

So If I deposit more then I needed or get out bid immediately it would be a waste of my money.

A little risky if you cant check in on it every once and a while however with great risk comes great rewards.

(The Fear Is the Juice?!)
$2.97 per coin and going up its due to Star Pro being essential for those NFTs in game as well as the original usage a burn use case on certain missions to auto complete them.

In a gold rush its best to sell shovels that's what I would want to do open up a STARPRO (Shovel) store. Get rich on those trying to get rich.

Matter of fact as long as you hit level 20 already or bought a pack you should be able to transfer in and out of your account + post NFT sales.

This leads me to this next point concerning NFT market & how you can corner it in Rising Star.
When you have STARPRO you could just sell it or you could complete the most recent world tour.
Cost 1 Star Pro Generates a Single wrist band NFT
These serve a utility function a prerequisite to produce exclusive NFTs, They can only be obtained for a single week
after which.

Those wanting to produce aforementioned exclusive NFT have no choice but to buy it from a secondary market.

Here's another Tip about exclusive NFTs in relation to Rising Star.
See the ones for PIZZA are sold by Rising star on their in game markets secondary market place.

This is important for 2 reasons #1 the quantity is limited to 2,500. 2nd and probably most important part this NFT is a Special Rarity a first for Vehicles.

Call me crazy but I think these might be used on a special mission It seems likely but this is just a guess haven't heard about any announcement.

Any way these types of NFTs seem to stick around for a short while then stop selling so It may be worth getting PIZZA when ever the market dips.
Opening up every NFT pack today
Not bad ill have to see about a special airdrop soon, for some of this insane inventory.


Bonus points you can save 20 of that PIZZA and take part in the New secondary Tip Bot NFT air drop.
Any Tip Bot would suffice but ill explain why $PIZZA is special, simply hold 20 PIZZA in your HIVE Engine wallet & you can trigger the PIZZA Bot once a day in comments.

Most bots on HIVE require you to stake the coin for that.
PIZZA stays in your primary portion of your account making it easy to spend or sell. Up tell that point as long as you have 20 $PIZZA in your wallet you can trigger the Bot once a day.
I'm really interested in this project they have my NFT senses going crazy, The involvement in a blockchain game already confirms my suspicions.

Here's a fun fact for ya, Minecraft is an important name drop
do you know why?

There are mine craft servers set up that mine and utilize a WAX crypto known as Uplifitum.
Upliftium can only be obtained via a combination of a specific white listing of an associated Mine craft account by pairing it to a WAX wallet containing a Land Key.
Once done you hold Miners in your account and play with the whitelisted account on the specified Minecraft server.
So what the hell does this have to do with $PIZZA easy their roadmap puts them on a direct course to this type of scenario.

Involvement with Minecraft in any capacity is a good thing but they stand a chance of making it a great thing.

Purchasing Steam Game Keys is already possible, already got a Rising star NFT, & now they are making a go of Defi.
Yeah I know a way to tie all these loose ends up into a singular streamlined experience.
When making a WAX NFT colection that has been whitelisted, on Nefty blocks the creator has certain restrictions they can apply to a drop. Aforementioned restrictions can be treated like a Steam code in effect you could link ownership of NFTs to the Game server access on Mine craft.

Bam you just tied in 2 separate blockchains and Mine craft Via one NFT colection not even based off Hive.

Needed links to accomplish this
Upliftium (Minecraft NFT site) for reference
Create NFT colection here
Once created request white listing no problem like 2 days at most.

Once white listed generate packs, drops, white list restrictions, burn blend use cases, Defi, & staking Here.

I dont want to drone on much longer but suffice it to say that's a short list of what you can have WAX NFTs do.


https://ecency.com/@pizzabot or to be more specific the creator or lead dev working on the Pizza Bot project the above section is more or less for you.

https://ecency.com/@risingstargame did you know you can do Music NFTs through Nefty Blocks

Triger a Tip bot get a NFT

Given the rise of popularity of my NFT airdrops & Since there are a few forms of Hive crypto which you can trigger a bot to distribute via a command.

Why not do a secondary airdrop for those that want to participate simply trigger one of the (Tip bot HIVE alts) In the comments followed by your WAX wallet address.

Once I'm aware you have done so I will send a verified NFT for every coin triggered.

A list of some of the HIVE alts with this function.


For any 1 of these received I will send 1 NFT to the specified WAX address. No limits trigger as many as you want Ill send a NFT for each.

It may take a while but I will respond once the NFT(s) are sent to verify I have done so.

Air drop URL

In every post I airdrop WAX NFTs via a URL which can be claimed by the first lucky reader to click it, after its claimed once the link will no longer be active. If your the lucky reader that claims the airdrop please let other readers know in the comments it helps.
Dont forget if your the lucky reader to let the other readers know in the comments it helps. Also If you have any comments or questions about todays write up let me know in the comments.

When my posts do well airdrops get better so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
Free WX game play to earn

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto

Oh I guess now Torum to

Thunder Token is free to mine off a phone app & recently it was bridged with BSC as well as being Bridged with ETH already so its currently shooting up in value. You can still produce it for free here's my referral link.

HIVE games



Faucet with immediate payout to wallet


WAX alts
Faucet with both but longer wait tell payout


You got me into Kogs into Kogs so I had to claim. I'm giving a few NFTs that I claimed away. I'm helping a few people get onto wax and into these games. Then they get a surprise.

As usual, your post is loaded with actionable info. I love it!

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Thanks for letting everyone know, glad to hear these posts help hoping everyone lambos out from NFTs!


Hey I was looking for a faucet to try out earlier today so I'm going to give rollercoin a shot. I just signed up with your referral. Can't say for sure if I'm going to stick with it but it looks interesting.




Awsome thanks for using my referral & participating in the airdrop I sent
these NFTs to the Address provided


I have several Kogs NFTs so find the information you share about them very informative. Keep sharing and I will keep reading. Wax Id: gxpe4.wam




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