There Is No Truth And No Way


Only human creations are truth, only human ways are truth
We don't know about anything before the existence of humans, firstly, what we know about humans?
Few take the decisions, few decides
Then rule of few is imposed on all, enslaved all.

Human laws are so fake just like humans, monetary humans
Changing the laws as per the monetary bids, law changing bids
Then innocent people suffers, ruling class enjoys the offers
That's how the life is, always is.

Don't wait for god, there is no god
So many people suffered, god was never there for those who suffered
If there is a god then god is same like ruling class, may be god chose to build this way and this class
Ruling class who likes to rule people in any way they want, that's how they want.

This is the world of injustice, if you believe in something you can face injustice
Because there is no truth, or there are so many truth which makes truth a ignorant truth
When we think about one truth, we think of versions of truth
Every version of truth have no relationship with previous version, continuation of failed version.

There was one way, lost way
We had the opportunity to correct everything, together everything
We ruined the chance, lost the chance
Now only one way, there is no truth and no way.


"This is my original and imaginative work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


hey, I see staking a good amount here in BHT , recently I claimed more than 70 BHT and I see it in the history of my wallet, but not on the wallet itself. Where I can ask about it ? Does broadhive has a discord server ?