Master Strokes Of Puppet World


No one have to understand this, no meaning in this
It's just exist, do you know why it exist?
There is no answer, not talking about the speculative answer
I mean there is no answer, literally no answer.

Planned very mystically, illogically
All logics failed before the meaning of creation, silent meaning of creation
People used logics, preexisting logics
Welcomed more chaos, procreation of more chaos.

Way of life is just one way, living way
This way ends, painfully ends
It's written in the script, the script
Way of life is downside of life, black and white pages of life.

They use tactics, caging tactics
You are surrounded by advertisements, life's whole existence is digital advertisements
These advertisements won your soul, owns your soul
You know how? They know how?

Truth laughing on us, because truth lost on us
Because of everything humans let down, always goes down
It's genetic trend, biological trend
You are the puppet world, master strokes of puppet world.


"This is my original and imaginative work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda