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We all are full of mistakes, just we have to focus towards process of learning, and never think about the quitting. -Own Opinionated Quote.


In my opinion life of a Human Being is Well Of Experimentation and new ways to see this world and which includes both aspects, phases and situations, by this statement i mean through both Negative and Positive side of life.

Someone said absolutely true about life and that is, Life Is A School and every experience of it is an Chapter. So, Flow is important when we are learning something. While we explore new things fear try to stop us but by using our Excitement and Curious energy we can convert Fear into Exploration.

But this school is full of surprises and unfortunately we have to go through from some of the darkest phases of our life and sometimes the impact of these phases are so strong that it Break us to deepest and utmost levels and from there it reflects as Impossible to come back from.

Remember one thing, no matter in which situation you are, You Have A Choice, and those choices will going to mould you accordingly. Negativity holds so much power and force, if we learn to divert that power and force towards something productive then we can achieve wonders for sure.


We are complete by that i mean, from whatever process we are going through we are involved in it and involving in it, so we are putting ourselves completely, but there is space for more Potential and always we will going to be Incomplete in some spaces.

But we will going to start feeling incomplete when we start leaving Unfinished Business. No matter we are succeeding or not, but once we are taking up one Task then atleast we can push that Task towards satisfying State.

As Human Beings we see things partial ways sometimes and there is no surprise in it. But most importantly we should take care about one thing and that is, due to Partiality we are not doing any kind of Injustice towards someone or some aspect, for sure we should avoid it if yes.

Don't give priority to Self-doubt and Imperfection. In my opinion there is nothing about Perfection and Imperfection, it's all about we've processed all the needful aspects or not. So don't Judge yourself because it will bring nothing.


One thing we cannot divide or separate from life and that is, Painful Situations, when these situations arises running away is not the Solution because next phase of situation will going to wait for us, so it's important to take up the challenge.

Life Is A Journey and we have to enjoy the process because situations are not permanent aspect. Process holds all kind of situations and emotions and every process mature us towards some aspects and we should appreciate life because atleast it's truthful with it's face.

If ready to Give Up then in a way we are missing out the opportunities because most of the times people give up without any reason and analysis and that leads to missing out from the Potential Opportunities and we should not repeat it.

At last i want to say only one thing and that is, we all do Mistakes and take those decisions which only leaves Regret and Pain. But never worry because as i said life is not Permanent aspect, it's a Process, so we should learn from our Experiences.

Steem On.


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Stay Blessed.

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Hi @chireerocks

Life is a school full of opportunities that only those who take it have the opportunity to fail or move on, that school of life is who shows you what you are and what you can achieve.
My thought after reading your post,

Greetings friend feel blessed.


Greetings @chireerocks, nothing more certain than this that you comment here, life is so a constant learning, is something like a kind of infinite studies.

Only here we are filling stages and does not end in college or graduate school there is always something else and that's how it should be.

The important thing about all this is that one should not be discouraged from knowing that things happen for a reason and that not everything is temporary, above all evil, and that one has to learn to trust in God's designs.

Thank you for reading my comment and wishing you a happy day, evening or night.✌️


Absolutely true words. Thank you so much for sharing your really indepth thoughts here. Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

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