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It's day three of the challenge and probably day two for me sadly because I wasn't able to post yesterday due too some unforseen circumstances. But it's all taken care of and and back on track, atleast for the main time.

So far so good it's been really great interacting with my partner @janet1289 and I've got to discover a lot of fun things about her, we're still in the phase of getting to know each other, after that maybe we might court and probably get married on Hive, hahaha, I'm just kidding .

So after my last post which contain some questions I was curious to find out about her, she also shot back some questions at me and I'm pretty sure I can't escape this one so I'll be answering them all. Let's go!

If you could turn back time, what would you change and why??

Well if I could go back in time ever I'll actually change a little bit of my introverted personality especially during high school days. I know I did pretty good academically but socially I was not so good. Yeah, I had friends and we related really well but I regretted not making use of some opportunities because I was introverted.

I didn't enjoy too much of my teenage age because I was stuck by myself reading or probably doing something uneventful. It was untill late in senior high that I started to open up and it was already too late, I missed the opportunity to learn a lot about life, about making relationships and creating connections.

It affected me in the university, I was a loner. I couldn't even approach my senior colleagues for advice because I didn't know where to start from. So I ended up discovering things by myself the hard way. I also wished I could have spoken to my parents more, tell them about some of the psychological battles I was fighting but then I kept it all to myself, thank goodness I overcame it.

How did your passion for dancing start?

I had always enjoyed seeing people dance, I didn't have that feeling that I was a good dancer when I was little so I hardly did any dancing. But when I got into pre-school, I did some cultural dancing and was surprised I was chosen to be among the few dancers, but after that it pretty much died.

Then one day, my sister brought back a CD of Michael Jackson's songs, it also contained videos of his live performances. Then we started to watch it, I used to watch it over and over again whenever I could and in high school I discovered that I had seniors who could mimick MJ really well, so I started to learn some of his steps.

Then one day, a senior came challenging us seniors and my classmates brought me out to showcase, I was shy and scared but their screams left me no choice but to dance, I did and the senior walked up to me and said, "you're a good dancer bro, keep dancing", at that moment, something new in me awakened.

So I started to dance in church and in the house untill I discovered Ayo and teo and since then I've been improving on every aspect of my dancing.

Have you ever been to dancing competitions before? Have you won? What were the trials you encounter before getting into it?

I have been to two dancing competitions, one was a church Talent Hunt and the other was a street competition.

For the church own, a friend of mine came and told me that his church was having a Talent Hunt and the prize was going to be huge, it was a big church and I'd never been in a big stage before. I was scared at first but my friend actually kept encouraging me.

I started to do constant reheàrsals, watch online videos. Sometimes I'll reheàrse all night without sleeping just to perfect some moves. Then I want for the first day of audition, I didn't really dance too well but I got two yes to progress to the next stage. Then more work was needed to be done. We were asked to do a song mix of 2mins and send for reviewing.

My friend Actually helped with that, we went on youtube to and searched for trending songs and complied a list of songs which I submitted and was approved. At the day of the grand finale, I did my thing and the crowd went crazy. There weren't much dancers but there was this girl who danced for almost 5mins and I was surprised the judges didn't say anything. At the end she ended up being crowded third, a Dj second and a beautiful singer 1st. After they named me sixth, the crowd went wild in anger.

I was disappointed and vowed never to enter a competition again.

But I did enter one again, this one was more a battle and I went there with the sole purpose of having fun, I did have fun and came out 4th. So far I haven't won any competition and I'm still a little skeptical about entering any but I'll see in the future if I'll enter.

Can you show us some of your graphic design?

Sure, I do more of fliers and cartooning, so here are some:

If you'll be given a chance to travel or migrate abroad, where and why?

I really would love to go to Spain, I actually have done some research on Spain and it's really a great country. I love their architecture which would be great background for nice videos and I love the language. Their food is also quite beautiful too even if I havn't tasted it yet. They also are lovers of dance, spain has a culture that I'll be willing to be acquainted with

They're also football lovers so I believe I'll blend in quite well. Apart from Spain, France is a great option too, most of my dance mentors are from France, they're crazy about dance and have a lot of platform for dancers, so if it's not Spain it's France for me.

I'll also leave you with some questions

How do you cope with work and hive?

What's your favorite color and why?

When did you realize that you love go travel and what was the place you visited first?

Share some selfie photos of you

Here is a glimpse of how much my points are growing, they aren't too much to be proud of but then it's way better than before

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment I'll be glad to reply and Upvote for more content ❤️

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Nice knowing you more partner .
I forgot to mention that part that I want to change being an introvert.. I wasn't a loner though when I was younger, I have friends...but one thing I don't like is socializing with others and even class recitation 🤣.
Even applying ay company I want was a struggle as I often think I couldn't make it due to this personality.

Btw, I like your design . could you make one for me? ✌🤣🤣..

I like Spain too.. I like the spanish language since our language is mixed with Spanish words..

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day, win or lose.. Let's just have fun 😊.. Glad I met you Chinco..


Wow! I enjoyed your story of how you missed those opportunities to get out of your shell and I love those who could actually dance. You tried doing that in public as an introvert but I can't 😂😂
I came through Dreemport 🤗
Hope you enjoyed your challenge this week?

We, #theroyals (Princessbusayo and Khaleesii) are here to sprinkle some love on your post 😎😎. Love from Dreemport 💓


You two are really getting to know each other!
Popped in via dreemport today