Halloween Special Even though it isn't Halloween


The beauty about movies is that they help us live in a world of make believe. It's easy and you get to be who you want to be. Last time I watched GOT (game of thrones) I became Tyrion Lannister, I could feel every ounce of what he felt. I could feel his strength, intelligence and his reach for the top and it really actually really hurt me when Kelvin Hart played him on Halloweens.

When Kelvin was asked why he'd dressed that way, could you guess his reply?

Of course you cannot but I'll just tell you he wanted to pull off the most scary costume possible. It was scary to discover that he actually did it, I still can't wrap my head around how he managed to shrink himself. Last time he remade a funny picture of the rock. When he was asked why he did that his reply was "he didn't need to get payed to look stupid". You know what was scary about that one? He was black and The rock white but you couldn't tell them apart! Watch 👇 to see for yourself

Apart from kelvin, they're a lot of other bunch of wannabes trying to be who they're not. My neighbor got her daughter dressed up as Ariel for Halloween and when I asked her why ever did she do that, she replied, "cuz she very well is so pretty". Then she smiled and urged her white daughter on. I was furious, got me pondering why a white girl should be made to go through such a trauma, playing a black girl with a fish tail.

It was great to See Kim Kardashian dressed as Mystique, you know the blue girl from the X-Men. But then she was dressed for Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday party and it turned out that it wasn't a costume party. There were a lot of funny comments about how embarrassing it would have been for her to be the only one celebrating Halloween's on Halloween's day at a birthday party. She really must have felt stupid being the girl who could be anyone she wanted to be except smart. I could see the look on the faces of the others, they actually didn't feel left out at all.

Since someone else had been my favorite Tyrion, I decided to be Elon musk for Halloween. You'd wonder what had been my inspiration? But it's quite clear, I want to help a lot of people. So first off, I went on to get an abusive father who went on to get married to his step daughter. I got my dog and my sister's doll to play the roles perfectly. The dog as my dad and the doll as the beautiful girl who was almost forty years younger than him.

Then I went on to charge kids $20 for treats even if I knew they well deserved it for free. You should see the expressions on their faces, if was exactly what I wanted to see, a Truth Face. Then I met my friend, and I was surprised to find out that he was Donald Trump. He quickly shook my hand and said "I'm glad you got that blue bird brother", our plan is already in motion and then we gave out the most scary laugh we could muster.

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😂 You know I was holding my laughter in until I read to the end and saw your comment...

Seriously, you couldn't let me just succeed in saying that your joke wasn't funny for once 🤣🤣

I was surprised to find out that he was Donald Trump

I think I almost burst into laughter here... Why would he dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween? Its so hilarious.