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Hi Hivers!

I know most of you all are already used to the music vibe that has taken over Hive, the #OpenMicContest is really doing the most in pushing a lot of music loving Hivers to the next level but then, it cannot always be about music!

I always dare to be different and that's a trait that I admire most in myself. I know for now they're no dancing contests or a community where dancing can be showcased but then I believe with time we'll have that here on Hive.

Meanwhile, I'll be sharing with you some of the videos I'll be making from now on, as a dancer I love to share happiness through my dance and this is a great opportunity to see most Hivers happy. I know it starts with a lot of trial and I'm not too conversant with 3speak but I still decided to give it a try.

This video is a preset of my dance group's (Transverse) performance at the just concluded Vibes and chills event that was hosted in the university of uyo, Nigeria.

Like the name implies, the event was a sort of get together where groups of people from different ways of life come together to vibe and have lots of fun. It was a really memorable event and my crew decided to just add a little more spice to the event.

Do well to enjoy!! ❤️✅

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