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There's no way you can achieve that thing you've been aiming for if you do not have confidence in yourself. Confidence comes with a strong belief, belief in yourself or in someone or in something.

You're certain beyond no doubt about your capabilities, you know beyond any misconceptions that you're good at what you do and you can stand anywhere to show how much you're sure of yourself.

They're actually times when others conceptions of us, their lack of confidence in us can affect our own confidence. It's normal for people to look down on us or judge us by our looks or appearance. Most people wouldn't even hide it, they'll make sure to show you in every way how much they're sure that you'll fail.

I've had a lot of experiences like that before. So many times people have expressed their lack of confidence in me and some times I went on to prove them wrong because of the self-confidence I had and other times they were right because I let their words eat up my confidence.

There was this day in church where they needed two people to represent them in the province for a little quiz contest. A lot of other teachers had made a list of their preferred two. I noticed that my name was hardly in any list even if I was by far one of the brightest students in the teenage church then. No one had confidence in me and why is that, because I've always been less confident of myself in church. Always quiet most times, running away from responsibilities thinking I won't be able to perform well.

Do you know that people can see your lack of confidence?. It's easy to differentiate a confident person from another who's not. It all balls down to how you carry yourself, do you walk with your head down, are you able to speak in front of others, share your views while maintaining eye contact?.

When society see you're less confident, they tend to look down on you, they tend to take advantage of you, they take your birth right and still act like they've given you a lot. Most people tend to enjoy seeing someone who isn't confident at all and making a ridicule of him.

Almost all my life I've been looked down on because I grew up timid. Wasn't sure why, but I used to lack confidence in myself. I used to melt in public places, sometimes it's like I don't exist. I was brilliant no doubt and talented but I always had this feeling that others were better than me. I always felt intimidated and small.

It surely affected me a lot because most opportunities that were supposed to be mine for the taking were given to others. Only the ones that were really close to me knew my capabilities and sometimes even pushed me to become more confident in myself.

They're times when over confidence becomes prevalent in an individual. You know you're good at this thing, and over the years no one has been able to even come close to you in that aspect. It gets to your head and you start becoming over confident and even proud. At the end of the day you loose focus, you even stop improving in that area because you're already too sure of your capabilities.

It's good to be overconfident to a certain level but then too much of everything is not good. I've heard stories of people who had been too over confident lose out in the end. It's quite painful when the one you least expected, the one you wrote off ends up beating you at something. We've seen it happen in football games, in wrestling matches, in real life situations and it'll keep happening because we cannot really understand life.

Confidence is associated with positivity, being confident in whatever you're doing makes you do that thing easily because there's this positivity around you that you can do that thing no matter the challenge you face. I don't know if you're getting what I'm saying.

Think back and try to remember that scenerio when you were able to do something just because you were confident and believed in yourself. Ok let's try this angle, before you joined hive I know a lot of you didn't ever dream of being a writer, even if someone told you about it, I'm sure you'll laugh and say it's never going to happen. But then something happened, a certain belief that you can actually pull it off as a writer and earn while doing it.

I'm sure it took a lot of courage and at first it was a new experience. But then the confidence started to grow, gradually and gradually till this point where you're sure beyond doubt of your capabilities as a writer. The confidence is there now and it'll go a long way to keep on pushing you.

Many people are ignorant of the benefits of being confident. It actually helps you grow as an individual, you're not stuck in one place, you're moving at a rate faster than you can ever imagine. When you're confident, others tend to want to associate with you, they're sure that you can benefit them one way or the other and you're easily visible wherever you go.

A lot of opportunities accrue to someone who's confident. Others would become confident in you as well. Look at Jesus in the bible, at a very young age, he was confident enough to stand before scholars and talk. This confidence also built their confidence in him that's why they let him speak and even listened with rapt attention.

People just love confident people, people who are well aware of their capabilities and not to use it. I remember The Flash asking Batman in the recent Justice league release..

What's your super power again?

and batman replied,

I'm rich

images (22).jpeg

Then I could see the The Flash's eyes shine with bewilderment at the answer. He was surely impressed at Batman's confidence. Imagine someone knowing for certain that his capabilities lies with his riches and he could achieve anything he wanted at anytime he wanted. That was genius and that also brought a lot of respect.

Confidence doesn't just grow, they're a number of things that have to be done to become confident.

Discover yourself

The journey of self discovery is one everyone must embark on. You need to know your abilities before you'll be able to confidently show them. I've heard people say that they have no talent or nothing to offer but then they're wrong. Every one has something to offer, they have their super power. Like @funshee said in her post here

If I should go by what someone told me a long time ago about everyone having their own supper power, then I will say my own supper power is influencing people.

Even if it takes you a little time, find yourself, discover what you're good at, what can you offer that others can't, what's your selling point. Find this things out little by little and be well aware of them.

Build Yourself

This is also where a lot of people miss it. The fact that you're good at something doesn't mean you're the best. Always strive to be the best at what you do. Try as much to discover yourself, when you do, go the extra mile to improve yourself.

Even if it mean having a mentor, someone that'll put you through the whole process of self development. Try as much as possible to learn, don't be too over confident and be like why do I even need him or her. Learn from others, be open to opinions and try as much as possible to improve on yourself and you'll be shocked how confident you'll become.

Be positive and let passion drive you

I always detest negative people, they tend to kill your spirit before you even do something. They're just so sure that you'll not be able to do that thing and they're wrong. I actually believe that you can program your mind to do anything you want no matter how impossible it may seem. The possible becomes impossible only when you let it.

Let positivity drive you in whatever you're doing. Always have it at the back of your mind that you'll make it no matter the situation and best of all let your passion drive you. When you're passionate about something you go all out to achieve that thing no matter how impossible it seems. You'll continue no matter how hopeless it seems, your passion is the light that drives you in the dark so it's necessary to feed it with positivity.

Look in the mirror and say I can

The battle with self is one of the most challenging one. A lot of us battle with ourself and each time we end up loosing. Each time you end up with the notion that you can't do it, I can't stand in front of that crowd to read that speech, I can't talk in front of my lecturers, I can't win that contest in Hive, I can't... I can't..

Men, of course you can, you just haven't said it to yourself, negativity has flooded your mind or maybe the thought of your last failed attempt still hunts you. Believe me when I say you can, you can be the most confident person in the world, you can face your fears, you can be the best in Hive, yes you can.

Make it a routine to look yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you can. If you can win yourself then you'll see that you'll start walking with your head high and your confidence a lot better than before. Why don't you give it a try??..

This is my entry for @clixmoney tag contest on #Dcc tribe. I hope you enjoyed reading this ❤️


I loved reading it. I loved it. Mehn... I think all y'all decided to post stuff just for me. Thank you


I'm glad you actually enjoyed this one. Yes, it's actually for you my dear. You were in my head while I was writing this, lol.

It's actually for everyone and anyone that it can speak to..
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Marvellously written dear, and thnak you for promoting my post.

We all have our supper power, we just have to find out what we are good at and do it like there are no other things.

Have a blissful weekend,


Thank you for sharing that amazing post, it was worth promoting.

True, no be only super man get super power. Our powers are hidden within us, we just have to find it and use it .

Thanks for your lovely comment, have a wonderful weekend 🔥🔥