My Visit To Tomsville Hotel

It has really been a hectic day for me, really hectic but in a good way. I'll share my experiences today with you. It's not going to be a fast bumpy ride so no need for seat belts.

I woke up feeling a tingling pain on the left side of my neck and it was really discomforting. Without really thinking too much about it, I picked up my phone to reply comments amd check out my progress on the Hive.

Being a little satisfied, I pulled out my earpiece to watch a movie i was supposed to have finished long ago, I had the opportunity to start the movie with someone special but I didn't get to finish it because we were all over ourselves, lol that's a story for another day. So I continued the movie. By the way, it's titled "Jungle cruise" starring Dwayne Johnson also know as "THE ROCK".

The movie was really one of kind, it was hilarious, emotional and also action packed. It was the whole package. I really had fun watching it and was a little sad when it finally ended.

Took some time to do some of my daily routines and when I was about to take a rest, I got a call from a friend of mine (actually he's my dance partner) and he reminded me about his sister's party that was supposed to be happening this night. Told me we needed to go put some things in place in the hotel, especially the sound aspect because we're dancers, we always want to enjoy quality sound.

So without even eating I ran over to his place, he got changed and we headed for the hotel. I was wondering what the hotel would really be like, and then we finally got there.

Well, I wasn't disappointed with what I saw at the hotel even though it wasn't really located in an open place. The hotel is called "Tomsville" and it is located somewhere around Oron Road in Uyo.

We got in, went straight to the pool area, made the necessary arrangements and when we were just about to go, it started to rain heavily. The rain was no joke o, it kept increasing anytime we felt it was going to stop. We stayed there for almost an hour and when it finally subsided a little we left.

IMG_20210806_122500.jpgView of the pool side

IMG_20210806_122538.jpgTomsville hotel

I was really happy to get to his house because I was already getting so hungry. I sank into the chair immediately we entered when I heard there was no food. Coupled with the rain I couldn't help but fall asleep, went into a really deep sleep. Slept for almost........

I believe at this point this story is already becoming so boring, I'm sure you've skipped a lot of lines and probably yawned too. I'm really sorry about that, and to relieve your boredom I'll offer you a Pizza 🍕 and some juice🥤
Now we can continue..

Woke up to see food infront of me, a bowl of hot eba and egusi soup(one of my favorites) with meat and kpomo. I didn't even wait for an invitation, I rushed the food and ate like an hungry lion. I ate till I was filled up to the brim and by this time the rain had stopped.

We took up our bluetooth speaker and left for rehearsals. I don't even know what happened, but the moment we got to the rehearsal venue and started rehearsing, I felt alive again. All the energy that I felt drained from me came back with a full swing.

Remember that pain I felt on my neck?, I didn't feel it anymore, I was just bursting moves up and down, and even people started to gather. It was the happiest I felt today, and I'm really glad I got the chance to dance today.

After a stressful rehearsals, I got back, had a shower and headed for the party.

I got to the party some few hours ago but for some unexpected reason, I picked up my phone and started typing. I've been typing for a while and right now, one of my favorite songs just started playing, so I'll have to leave........... . ... ..
He smiles, drops his phone and runs to join the rest of his friends happily!

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