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What's up friends!!!

The days go by quickly in recent times for me, some good news and others that imply a change to be made were presented abruptly, as expected that affects the way I play Rising Star in addition to the practices I do to improve the skill in the pixel art design, which not long ago I increased the size of the canvas to make designs with more details.

It is precisely within the area of ​​pixel art, where the good news arises; A while ago I had to change the hard drive on the laptop I use because it had stopped working and because of that I lost a lot of information, in addition to several designs and work done previously. Among the lost information were pages that I found where I could find lessons to improve making the pixelated designs, some I had not had time to review and I could not remember where I found the links or references. The good news is that through Pinterest, I found some of the pages again, more than anything because I reviewed the links of some of the authors who had posted images about pixel art, one of them contains details and graphics that explain the process. of designs with movement, which is a challenge that I am taking on little by little while I improve in more basic things.


On the bad news side, I must say that the smartphone I was using suddenly stopped working... it was something sudden because I was using it normally, I answered a message and left it on the table for a moment while I waited for the response, When I returned moments later to check, the phone simply did not respond, I tried to restart it and it got stuck on the logo...just like that, I was left without my phone. Although the cell phone was not very current, the abrupt change and the sudden new loss of information was a hard blow to take, at the moment I am using a Samsung device, the model is the J1 Ace, which is a basic device and old that barely supports little more than whatsapp, browser and music, although I am reviewing which mobile phone to access, this loss finds me in moments where I cannot afford a new mobile phone, so I will have to save for a long time and survive with what I have has.

Moving forward!

Obviously pixel art practices continue to be part of the routine, sometimes it is difficult to achieve certain effects, certain shapes that make sense, for example, with the L1 Trenton Lundy card, which is the reference to make the pixelated version, I tried different Libresprite palettes and tools to find some details.

One of the most notable complications was achieving the effect of the strings on the “guitar”, given the size of the sprite that I currently use, those types of details that in the original image are small but noticeable, are difficult to replicate since 1 pixel, which has a square shape, in addition, depending on the angle of the drawing, when placing the pixels they may not always follow a straight line, in the end I was able to create the illusion, although it took me a long time to find the correct order. Do you think I got the design right?

click here: the pixelated version


There is still a way to go and I will surely return to some pixel art designs to give them a touch-up as an update, the animations are still pending because I still need to familiarize myself with the tools and speed up the process of providing movement effects to the designs I make, for now I leave you with a song by Trenton Lundy, artist and RS legend, good vibes!!

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