RS: The story that never happened


What's up friends!!!

Some time ago, when I started in Rising Star, there was a time when reviewing the collection I wondered if at some point they would put together a kind of general story, something that encompassed the characters that were already present, highlighting some over others to facilitate the story, such as I was also discovering that there were real characters in the cards, I thought that perhaps the story would take a lot from their real lives.

Time passed and with it the idea also dissolved, although personally sometimes the imagination flew to curious stories made with associations of characters due to similarity or reference to a musical genre. today it is much more complicated to achieve a joint story for RS, we already have a large number of characters, cars, instruments; choosing just a few and leaving aside the vast majority, I think, could become noticeable...or maybe not?

Loose ideas

While I was practicing pixel art with another of the cards in the game, I began to imagine the possibilities of having the variety of cards in both characters and instruments, a minigame that consisted of drawing the card with the greatest number, before starting the game. 10 cards would be dealt randomly, with the priority being that the cards dealt would increase their output percentage based on the amount one had in their collection...the prize could be the pizza token...or perhaps the beer token... I don't know how much programming work it might involve just implementing the actions I described, and I also recognize there are many things to consider to make the minigame viable, but I think it would be another entertaining way to use our cards.

Welcome to…

For the pixelated version, I chose R310 Lil Fly Rapper, a card that I really like for its design and colors. This card was a little easier when placing details, the difficulty was found in finding the lights and shadows, I tried different shades and changed some colors so the figure looked better and pleased my eyes more 😆
The pixelated version I'm sharing now intentionally omits some background details, as if my design were before and the original card was after Lil Fly was announced at a musical performance, like a live show. I will gladly read your opinions in the comments 😊

click here: the pixelated version


For good vibes today I share a video of Mya, which accompanies the pixelated version well, until next time! 😉

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