RS-Brit Popster: Some things are better in small doses


What's up friends!!!

Music was my first strong connection going into Rising Star; not only because I found some themes that became part of my favorites among those offered in the game, but also because, among the cards, I found some interesting references and made some curious associations with some of the characters.

In this case, the card “Brit Popster” always brings to my memory a singer, who at the time was one of the most present on my playlists. What makes this interpreter special is that he appeared on my radar at a time when I had a tremendous internal youth conflict, I was going through very tense and sad situations, to which the songs from Aqualung came to complement a feeling inside me. (Obviously I made a pixelated version of the card 😆)

In this way, for several months I kept in mind the themes of Aqualung, which curiously in one of its videos has clothing similar to Brit Postpter, so every time I see the card I have a fleeting memory of those troubled times. I confess that I stopped listening to the songs with the same frequency as before, even though they are still one of my favorites, they also retain that emotional charge of those times and consequently sometimes the melody triggers internal philosophical existential questions... 😆

For this reason, at the time I decided I would stop listening to the songs for long periods of time; In order not to forget its existence, I have different backups, in physical and digital format, in addition to what already exists on the network, of the songs that I like so much, even one of the productions released by Aqualung being a compilation of songs with some new ones, which of course is one of my favorites..

Below I share the video where Aqualung wears clothing similar to the one shown in the Brit Popster card, is it really based on that singer or is it just a coincidence that occurred in RS at the time the card was created? We know that there are real characters in Rising Star, we also have general references to different musical genres, so the possibility is there. I hope you enjoy the song and if you like to share any of yours, you can write it in the comments, it will be a pleasure to navigate through the different rhythms that you share.

Good vibes!!

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