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What's up friends!!!

Sometimes we are presented with situations in which we must decide one path or another. In Rising Star, on different occasions I had to think about whether to go deeper into the market or if, on the contrary, I would first collect a large collection of cards to just look for their sale or exchange. . Today besides going in search of cards, leveling up, I have some new challenges to face.

Within RS we are in a time where many players can buy several packs of packs and therefore manage to get large amounts of cards, so our challenge is to manage to get the packs before they run out and obviously, there are many more chances of getting epic or legendary cards.

In my case, in addition to this challenge, I have another one that if you have been reading the previous posts, you will already have an idea of ​​what I am talking about. I have a few pixel art versioned cards that are part of the RS collection, I was doing the practices on small canvases, but now I set out to achieve something interesting on a slightly larger canvas. Among the advantages of using a canvas with better dimensions, is the possibility of adding more details, something that cannot be done if designs are made on small canvases.
As a reference to make the pixelated version, I chose the common card 48 Riley, which, as you can see, has its difficulties because it contains small texture details that give life to the image of the stairs, for example.

You will be able to notice in the version that I made, that I tried to add several relevant details to the image used for reference; Despite this, although I doubled the number of pixels used to create the image, some details are still difficult to achieve without sacrificing a bit of "realism" or similarity to the original, although I think that by setting the whole frame I was able to achieve the goal of giving even more resemblance to Riley's card, what do you think?

click here: the pixelated version

Added to this challenge, I also had the fortuitous encounter of a very particular song, a bit out of what I usually listen to; the language the singer uses to bring the song to life is Spanish... but that's not the peculiarity of the video, but rather the inspiration that gives life to the sub-story told in the video clip. 😉
I leave you with the song that accompanied me in part of the development of my pixelated version of Riley, hoping you like it, good vibes!!

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