In search of legendary cards in Rising Star


What's up friends!!

After a while of opening packs, increasing the fans and growing little by little, one starts to think: "It would be great to open a pack and get a legendary card."
That thought crossed my mind several times, it was even stronger when I started getting some epic cards in the packs, it didn't matter if they were instrument cards, the effect was the same, a greater desire to get a legendary one.


With the possibilities offered by the gradual increase in fans, my Rising Star account that already had the millionaire card, which meant having a guaranteed pack of packs, to which what was generated by doing the normal missions could be added, I began to buy more often if I could get a legendary card in one of the packs I bought.


It is true that for quite some time I did not achieve my goal, although in the process I was able to obtain a few more epic cards, the desire to get a legendary card was present every moment I entered the game. They say that when you want something very strongly the universe conspires to make it happen; I don't know if it was that or a matter of probability, but one day I was finally able to get a legendary card.

Today I have 5 legendary cards, of which 1 of them turned out to be a car, the L28 High Roller card, with the 8K of fans it made my account gain a boost in my earnings within the missions, although it also meant having a little more careful with the Skill, luckily I had an excess that I had accumulated for some time, but I was very close to obtaining a lot of EGO, something that I had to solve little by little.

With the emotion of the memory, I took the opportunity to do a pixel art practice using the legendary card L28 as a reference; One of the first difficulties I dealt with when making this pixelated version was maintaining the shape of the windshield and finding the correct angle to give the illusion of the car as seen in the original card, as well as some details of the background that in the end I I took the liberty of modifying a bit, which for the moment I believe that together, they achieve their goal. What do you think?

click here: the pixelated version

Although I have some legendaries in my collection, I still have a lot to get to fill that section, there are several transport type cards that I would like to get apart from the legendary ones, I like some of the epic cards that came out a while back and that now it's hard to find in the market, with some patience I'm sure I'll be able to get them and of course, some will be a reason to practice pixel art, because practice makes perfect. 😃

Good vibes!!!

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there are a few of my card L1 for sale in the market!


yes, but you are a legendary, very's more than my wallet can afford lol