Dear Tess, today is the RS session


What's up friends!!!

New days, new beginnings; life often consists of routines to follow, whether because one studies, works or even on vacation, we constantly repeat some things that we could call "routine", in the case of Rising Star we know that when carrying out the missions and lessons, we will find ourselves with a routine to follow according to our availability of time.

In my case, that time varied as the time of the pandemic and quarantine receded, entering a new normality where new routines appeared, so the order in which I carried out my missions and lessons varied. Part of that change and misalignment of times has to do with pixel art; Like any skill, it requires practice, which translates into time to dedicate and learn from the basics or seek to clarify some doubts by looking for information about it.

When I entered RS I did not think that it would be part of my present for so long, it is true that I like the theme but... it is also true that even the things that we like the most can tire or bore us so that we stop them. side for a while. Although it is not my will not to be able to maintain my routine with the game missions, I am still connected to RS world through pixel art practices, today the chosen card was 102 Tess, like Ridley from the previous post, It is made on a canvas of 128x128 pixels, which allows me some liberties, although as with Ridley, it still has some difficulties to overcome.

With Tess, one of the difficulties of working with canvas of small proportions becomes noticeable when working with small details, you can even hide some general shapes but in specific things (I won't say which but you can review the image to discover it 😉) leave a very simple, very basic representation that barely manages to create the illusion when viewed with the whole. It is not that it has resulted in a failed practice, far from it, it is just that search to achieve a better quality in these pixelated versions that I make.

P.D. I added a little animation, it was something sudden that occurred to me to do.

click here: the pixelated version

Just as it happened when he made the pixelated version of Ridley's letter, a theme was present in a large part of the process, this time it is the acoustic version of the song "El club de la montaña", being interpreted by only 2 of the members of the band that bears the name “Bandalos Chinos”, once again the language is Spanish. The interpretation, the singer's voice has a particularity that I like and made me look for more songs from the group (I already have some favorite songs apart from the one already mentioned 😆), I hope you like it as much as I do. If you have any suggestions or comments, be it the song or the pixelated version, I'll be attentive to the comments, good vibes!!

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