A best friend becomes a part of you
One who advices,loves and cares for you
One who stays with you in good and bad times
Shows you love in million ways and all times
A best friend gives the most desired love.
Just as your name is pe Iace
You made my life peace-filled
Never thought you would become the best part of me
Never thought you would stay with me
You've shown me true friendship.
We started our friendship since childhood
It's been 18years and still counting in the friendship hood
I never believed true friendship existed
But with you, i believe True friendship exists
You seem to make me smile every time we're together.

At first when I met you
I wasn't sure if you would actually give me the best part of you
But I've shared a lot with you
I've never regretted any part of knowing you
You're really a best friend
Many people left, but you choosed to be in my life
You are really one of the best part person in my life
You've made me take God as my priority in life
You've respected and just fit into my life
Having you as a best friend is really superb and a thing of joy.

No one can take your place
Though many tried to take your place
But I still choose to give you your rightful place
Just as a loving and caring best friend
I love you so much best friend
We've shared a lot together even our pasts
And we've learnt from each other's past mistakes
You've been like a sister to me
You've shown me how priceless you are.
Truly, your kind of best friendship cannot be bought with money.
You've been through thick and thin with me. I owe you a lot my best friend.


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