Blood in the streets


There is blood in the streets the market is bleeding still nobody really know where things go from here

One thing is certain the whole market will rise again the smart people are buying the dip daily

The best way to make money in crypto is to buy hard when the prices are low ( DYOR)

No one can predict the future but crypto is here to stay over time more money will come in the weak hands will sell the who held on will be the winners in the end

A lost of trust has been lost due to Terra Luna UST & many more cryptos so many in effect many other crypto suffered well the whole market suffered

As i said the whole market should come back bigger it could be weeks months years who knows but this stacking time for me & my buddy's

Over the years i have seen the ups & downs i sold to late i sold to soon we all go through the same things there can never be a right time to take just take when you are ready

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