The Game Players : A Sports Freewrite.

Trophy to take home
Corner kicks off.
We played on
Play safe, mum always said
Play safe my son
He remembered on that day
Saved himself a big red card.
The scam of a goal
Robbing us of a trophy
Denying teams great joy
Gone for good, forever missing.
The world remembers a player without religion
The new hero of religious tolerance
A beacon never before seen
Bridging gaps, lands, tribes, tongue.
Talked much of the keeper
The game best player
Trophy worthy defender
All weren't left out
A hero's day, villains stays off
Training becoming harder
Muscle starts to strain
The leg hurts, capturing heels
The winning became sure.
Machine cheated, not given a kick
Till second leg came
Shattered the post
Made fans shout
Running to the corner, for rejoicing
Calmly sitting, a rethink
More goals in need, to equalise
That's how we lost, the match.
The all exclaimed
The greatness of our club
Singing its name.
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