The Final : A Sports Freewrite.

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In the shallow run
Balls so soft to turn
A dribble, kicks, foul, long run
All gave way to this homeboy
Leaving no stone unturned
Carrying many men along
Grown up now, bursting forth
A goal, that was it.

In the morning sun
Sweating it off
The boy ran, caught the ball
A slip and he was rolling on
An injury that will linger on
Play safe, mum always said
Play safe my son
He remembered on that day
Saved himself a big red card.
The trophy was big
So was the sacrifice on the field
From players to wrestlers so quick
We got more than what we bargained for
Mates starts to slip
Injured at every kick
This final soon became a WW III
All because of golden shield 🛡️.
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