The Desert Game : A Sports Freewrite

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A nice win and an end
Players on field, sweating in the heat
One down, another stressed
With no water near, they got stretched
The opponent use it for their best
A desert people, okay with thirst
Won that match without a second leg
Viva, viva, the crowd shouting aloud
Forgetting a repercussion awaits them home.
A game of weather the reporter said
Everyone knows it's not there best
Famished men, trying to win a cup
Blury keeper, looking for the ball
Sandstorm made it worse
The home knew nothing
A plague they were born with
The desert factor comes in
Bring victory on its wings.
To think of the last game
Cold region of ice
We nearly turned cheese
Thanks for the melting of the sun
Cold as ice, we start to shivers
The goals came in, we lost in iceland
A game so easy to win.
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