Stars Of The Past : A Sports Freewrite

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Many came to watch
The match, the skills, dribbles and all
None was expecting the fall
Friends and relatives came for Paul
The boy who in the dressing room got drunk
Unable to function, he was called off
A shame till age he regret of
Cursing the peer pressure that brought this fall
They left him when it dawned
The star in paul is gone.
Remember Dossier too
Skillful, the best in high school
Handling the ball, genius dribbles
Till girls came in multiples
Unable to caution his scrotum
Unwanted pregnancy came as April fool
Alas, it's Dossiers doom
The shame till age he regrets off
The scandal that can't let go.
Calling me to one side
The Coach seems to see my star
A young chap with massive talent
Needs a coach with an iron rod
He told me of past mistakes
I heard with quiet spirit
To learn never to fall therein
The pot holes of stars of the past.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday Freewrite


This is amazing and inspiring for all youth to learn from past mistakes. Self-control and discipline of one's self are very important in our growth because it will help us get to the position we've always dreamed of attaining in life but if one doesn't discipline his or herself when fame will come, it will be the beginning of such a person's doom.

Nice one @botefarm, this is a word of wisdom.