Staking Up +140,000 SPORTSTALK.


A lot is happening to many coins and its not well at all on Pancakeswap. The recent hacking going on on innocent wallets who are trying to fill airdrops is increasing at an alarming rate.

Gone are the days where its said that "if it's not your keys, it's not your money". Now, you can have the key and your money is siphoned out through a link.

In all this, there are still instances where your tokens are safe and being investments rewards and ROI that keeps ones mind at rest. One of the them is the Hive Tribes engine. And the most invested in Tribes for me is Sportstalk.

The deal of the day is sto stake and keep on staking, but more and stake as it gives me more rewards and also helps to curate other sports content writers too. It's a very good thing.

I am staking an additional +140,000 sports today and slowly climbing up. I've been so immersed in the world of GEMS on Pancakeswap.

Trx ID

I can't wait for the day I'm going to buy this sports in tens of millions and step up my game much more harder. But this little will surely go a long way.

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