Searching For Major Jerome : An Intergalactic Story.



Transversing from planet to planet, what we were looking for doesn't have a name, neither a description, the captain refused to let us know but we knew it was something important to the Galactica Republic, the Lai corporation have explored this world in previous times, the report wasn't made public, some said it was a waste of resources, to some, they couldn't find anything to be counted as minerals their. So, they left.

In the same wasteland, we were heading to, our captain was staring deep into the world as if he has a microscopic eye, but he didn't. Though he lost one eye in the Galapagos war some years back and won the bravery medal, Captain Lama has always been said to develop a long face since then. Ever serious and never laughing. We've come to accept him as such. But his stern look today is more serious than ever as if something hunting him from the past is in there. As our voyager ship presses on.

The pilot announces on the intercom as we enter its space, calm and cool, silent with no sign of a storm, unusual of a planet from this side of the sun. The large body of water was proportioned as expected, but something wasn't right.

If this world has been existing for this long, why is it yet unconquered, unclaimed by any sovereign nation? What could have happened to it in previous times leaving many not to reckon with it, as our ship finally could find a place to dock, we prepared to go out and explore.
"Don't you dare that" command Captain Lama.
"Did any of you have an idea what's going on here?" he added.
"No captain" we all replied, standing at attention.

Five seconds passed in silence as he watched keenly to see what's happening. All still and quiet.
Private Ganda, we are on a search for the remnant of Major Jerome's ship, the last signal came from a one-kilometer radius of this place. The federation and Republic wouldn't assign anyone to come here because of the history of this place being a hunted planet. So I'm sending you as the leader of this search party. Find, if you could, the body of Major Jerome and locate the possible cause of the ship's crash.
"Yes, Captain" we salute and took our leave.


Far beyond reflecting from far distance was a dark golden big ring of multiple curves round what looks like a giant glove half immersed in the river. With a wire cracking sound of glitches we approached steadily, setting the course north, coming closer to the crashed ship, the energy coming from the inside, oozing dark energy and an ugly aura with a deep stench smell. We were already thinking this is well beyond our pay grade. A body lies on the floor half-decayed, it doesn't speak well of a planet with lesser oxygen and non-decaying properties of matter. Something was amiss here, which no one knew. The intercom came again.

"Return to the ship, I repeat, return to the ship," the voice said urgently, we all recognize it well, that wasn't the voice of Captain Lama. It sounds like that of a basement worker. We turned south and the next thing was an explosion, ripping our ship apart, sending it pieces through the cloud, our captain and all his men are gone, leaving the four of us survivors on a planet not known by anyone. Not forgetting the fact that we didn't alert the headquarter we were here.

We turned north again, toward the former wreckage, to see if the root cause of happenings here could be found there. Two to three steps closer the horror before us just began, the wreckage began to sink, going with it is the answers to all that happened here, the crews all dead inside which could lead to proper information. The sinking was fully complete while the next horror show just began, the two moons powering the planet went into hiding, leaving us dark. The next was a thick gigantic noise like a mighty wind carrying with it metallic object all on a fast course, approaching where we are, we bowed ourselves to the ground, expecting our death, which never came, for more evil was to come, more horrible than death.