Running The Field : A SPORT FREEWRITE.

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The locker wasn't free
First trial was it
Double jump, more stretch
He didn't catch his breath
A triple run, double up
Round the pitch, one more
Calm as it is, stopping none
Ran the pitch, not a sweat
Wining the race
Claiming the fame
Ruling the game
Once more reaching the aim.
Another race to win
Practice day and night
No plan for resting
Jugging in the morning and evening
To a once fat boy came this slim thing
Running the field
Wishing the dream
Pushing further his limp
In a bid to rule the Olympics.
The locker room again
Where the coach made the claim
The urge to win the race
Run faster than the gun
Shoot the fast lane
Make a name
Take the medal
Bask in the fame.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday Freewrite.