Nature & Beauty : A Freewrite Poetrt

Nature's beauty, so serene and wild,
Reflects the human heart, so complex and mild.
In the mountains, tall and grand,
We see our own strength, and our own command.

In the oceans, deep and wide,
We see our own emotions, tumultuous and tide.
In the forests, lush and green,
We see our own growth, and the potential we glean.

Nature's beauty, so vast and true,
Reflects the human spirit, so resilient and new.
In the sunrise, warm and bright,
We see our own beginnings, and the hope for what's right.

In the sunset, soft and pink,
We see our own endings, and the memories we think.
Nature's beauty, a mirror of our soul,
Reminding us to live in the present, and make our lives whole.

Nature's beauty, a reflection of our heart,
A reminder that we are just a small part,
Of something much bigger than ourselves,
Nature's beauty, a reminder to live well.

Nature's beauty, a representation of our existence,
It's a reflection of our struggles and persistence.
It teaches us to embrace change, to find balance and peace,
It shows us that beauty can be found in the simplest things, if we just cease to increase our never-ending needs.

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