Loosing On a Lose : A Sports Freewrite.

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Stronger than ever, long shot pass
The goal was sure, ending the night
Victory at all cost, for the fans
Shouting on their lungs, joyful cry
Sending the thrills, goosebumps on the pitch
Loud bangs, heavy stamp
Structure won't withstand
Emergency ambulance
The pleasure was becoming high
Told to cut it down
It's the goal, the winning pass
More so, the new signed star
They went gaga once more
Costing them there fun
Crushing the pillar
They fell to crumbs
Lives got lost
We learnt to be moderately joyful
A lesson learned at deadly cost.
Hard liquor doozed down
He wouldn't smile or frown
The ritual to win
The sacrifice for trophy not paid
We came close to champion
An edge to the throne
Europe king of football
World highest win
Record breaking records
All gone by being drunk
With a player not serious.
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