Goals Pouring In : A Sports Freewrite.

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Stage set, field ploughed
The game soon on
Judging by the norm
The time of run
Spraining the tendor
Catching the ball
Sweat like ink blot
Tired as a mule
Stressful on the look
The game won't end soon
The weariness was on
Goals by the way.
The win was deliberate
Judging from the kick
Aiming the pitch
High was the lift
Skipping the keeper
Overhead the defense
Above the forward player
Into the net
The loud noise follows
Fans won't stop shouting
To the win, the trophy, the win
The final, the goals that ring
To the win, the trophy, the win.
Nobody ready to oppose
The king of the field
The reign of the pitch
Goals pouring in
Kicks setting in
A pass for a winning penalty
We won the match
The league, the Cup, the trophy.
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