Gaining More Defeat : A Sports FREEWRITE.

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Total loss wasn't funny
The best team, bought with big money
The striker got depressed
Opponent were no match
Fans weren't friendly
It's an away match
The last stand
Finally fight.
Standing by the post
Free kick to a goal
Never minding the height
The shot got misfired
Away it goes
Still no win for us
We ran the pitch nonstop
No single goal to crown our effort
Making it hard to forward
Loosing the match was short
Gaining more defeat
Looses nonstop.
Half time came in quick
Coach couldn't bare this
Raging on his boys
We, tired as fuck
Devoid of tactics and field runs
Pushed back into the pitch
Not a single sub
Heavens knows the plan anymore
The lost, huge loss.
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