Bad Shots : A Sports Freewrite.

A better shot at that
Smelling the post from afar
Mending broken defeat clearly
His shots were bad
Never missing the post
Post goal increasing by pass
Fans wouldn't stop the chant
To win, for trophy race
The medal for the distinct play
Shedding more goal to the post
Before the referee, we found grace
The run was for fame
A pass for fans to hail
Sing his praise and name
Never for team win
His pride cost the win
Defeat came so swift
Sending both team to wonder
A team topping the ladder
A club with an arrogant member
Nonchalant defender, slow forward
They lost big.
The last win for the team
Transfer brought more young
No more old fun
A ball to the leg
Scoring like its there
Sending many opponent down the drain
To win the game was the lane.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday Freewrite.