Awaiting Results : A Sports Freewrite

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The investigation went on for weeks, the foot all governing body left no athens unturned. Football fans were also clamouring for justice, to what extent the media space has carried this news is left for imagination. Many feared the case will be wept under carpet as times goes on or bribe FIFA. From the look of things, this is one more scandal too big to overlook.

We've surpassed the state of racism but this isn't going to go low anytime soon. The players involved have been called to question and fult interrogated but some dots aren't connected yet.

As we alla wait the news amid a forthcoming press conference, then another one again, I guess this horrible thing in the field of football might terribly blossom into a shameful soccer pandemic. At the bottom of the case lies a coach with a record of always creating a wrong record both off and on the field.

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