Life's Lesson For Today - Actifit : May 27 2023

Improving each day

It is imperative to know that as a person you have to keep on being great each day and to make sure that you are improving on what you did yesterday, with yesterday being never perfect because there is still more to look ahead for in tomorrow.

Therefore you cannot bank on the glory of yesterday to make your today perfect or to be happy with it. Whenever we are moving on to the next day, rest assured that yesterday should never glory in, it should never be something to make you happy but something to learn from and aspire to do something great.

Determination on the other hand is very simple but hard to go by whenever you are determined it takes your consciousness and every aspect of your brain, mental, physical, and emotional to achieve that thing, your inability to achieve it is a way of giving you a lesser self-esteem about your whole life therefore be determined which means setting your mind to do something and make sure that you see to eat that it comes to proven.


I haven't seen that thing that wastes someone's life as much as procrastination, it can waste a man's life and with the old destiny it can make vision be valued it can make destiny become of nothing, it can make goal set to have no meaning or just be a paper written document or corrugate with the lives and destiny and is a very terrible thing to be in the loop of procrastination.


When you've set your mind and you have determined that you're going to do something and you're taking procrastination out of the way, life, even life become easy

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