A Complicated Game : A Sports Freewrite.

As complicated as the game is
We didn't bulge a little
The win for the team
Goals were the dream
Scatters across the field
Player with no clue
Coach was troubled too
Like we went unprepared
Running to the Waterloo
The aim to win is lost
Aimlessly, we run
Till the match ended
And nothing to show.
Days of training 'dustbinned'
The lawn wasn't helping
Half time and it's hot
This weather isn't for us
Degree higher than hell
Cooling system gone
The sun rose on us
Sweat came heavily through the pores
Uncomfortable were we
I couldn't bare it again
Time in short
Loosing my sense and balls.
One more run, we are there
Last baton for the next
Running faster than his peers
Complicated as it is
Muscle pull camee in
The pain made him grinned
Falling back to lean
The shame was huge
Fans were clapping
At least to cheer him up
But his loss was glaring
It made him weak.
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