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"Hear ye! At the break of dawn, Fuelz "The Rich" Hogan will be publicly hung by the neck for his notorious crimes against the good people of the Isles of Falariabel. The crown, His Highness Lorak Meesto, has ordered an audience of all houses. Hear ye hear ye!"


The mushy streets echoed in the voice of the town crier. The children of the Isles danced around the crier and the businesses gave away their fruits out of celebration. The tale of the notorious thief and bandit was soon coming to an end.

But there was one boy who had a tear in his eye. Juelz Hogan. He stood by his window quietly, looking at the people celebrating the public hanging of his father.

"Mother, why do they celebrate the death of my father? "

"Your father was not a good man, boy. Don't be like him, lest you want your neighbors to dance to your death."

At the break of dawn, Juelz Hogan and his mother attended the public hanging of his father. It was crowded with people who had dressed like it was the 5th marriage of the crown. The girls sprinted within the crowd throwing flowers on the attendance. The ladies distributed caramel sweets to the children. The men clenched onto their ale and cursed Fuelz "The Rich" Hogan.

Moments before the hanging, Fuelz was given the chance to speak his last words. The place fell quiet. Even the birds stopped flying and a sense of doom filled the air.

"Accept whad dey give and take whad ye' can. I curse d' Isles o' Falariabel wid every drop o' blood in me veins...and me blood be thy savio-"

The audience gasped with shock as Fuelz's soulless body swung in the air. His last words would now be the biggest curse Juelz would have to live with...and soon would the people of the Isles of Falariabel.

The people rushed to attack Juelz and his mother in fear that they would carry out The Rich's final curse. Juelz Hogan made a run for it and survived. But his mother would soon die in a stampede of people chasing after him.


The boy born of a bandit and a mother who died in a stampede, Juelz Hogan, would soon be nicknamed "The Cursed" by Lorak Meesto as a strategic way to undermine The Rich's reputation among the bandit's fans and to remind the Isles that the boy carries the curse.

Juelz started living in an abandoned cottage by the Shaytu river. He spent his time mostly alone; fishing, collecting wood, and hunting to survive. Many moons passed, but he never dared walk into civilization again.

All he knew was he'd never become like his father, no matter how bad things would get.

This is when he comes across Wyatt Arroyo. Or rather Wyatt Arroyo comes across Juelz Hogan. Much like The Cursed, Wyatt was also on his own. Seemingly lost and wandering into the Shaytu river in search of something.

Wyatt Arroyo. Royal forensic scientist and health advisor to the Crown. Nicknamed "The Necromancer". Evidently "forensic scientist" is just a cover-up for his real passion - necromancing.

"What is your name, boy? Is this where you live?"

"N..no sir. My name is Juelz...Ho-Ho-Hogan."

"Ah! If it isn't The Cursed! You are exactly who I am looking for. HA HA!" He picks up Juelz with overgrowing joy and his eyes fill up with a starry glow.

"Let go of me, sir. I have done nothing wrong. I am not like my father. My neighbors will never dance to my death."

Wyatt "The Necromancer" Arroyo laughs at his lucky find as he takes Juelz away from the Shaytu river and all the way to the royal library which is suspiciously built over a fully working morgue.

In there, Juelz learns about what has happened to his beloved Isles of Falariabel. Evidently, the curse of his father had come to life. In the past year or so, the once blooming Isles of Falariabel had now turned into a peninsula from hell. People were getting sick and dying at a fast rate. Wyatt believed that this was just part of the curse cast by Fuelz "The Rich" Hogan.

"And me blood be thy savior. Those were your father's last words. As the only descendant of Hogan's bloodline, you have the power to remove the curse, boy. You, The Cursed, are our savior!" Wyatt explained to Juelz as his beady eyes inside the eye mask started to glisten with hope.


In the coming days, Juelz Hogan studied the various books in the library. He was turning into a sharp man and was a quick learner. With the help of Wyatt Arroyo, he soon turned his fate around and started working in the infirmary. He traveled around the Isles with the best doctors tending to the sick and looking for a cure, day in and day out.

For someone who was cast out from society and barred from social interactions, Juelz Hogan became one of the best communicators in the Isles. His quick thinking and vast knowledge of medicine soon earned him an honorable position as the Isles of Falariabel's best physician assistant.

Unlike his father, Juelz earned an honest living. He helped people and in return never took anything. He was known to the Isles as an honest and kind man.


But no matter what Juelz Hogan tried, he could not find a cure. At best he could only slow down an impending death. And they always died a painful death. The sickness had no specific pathogenesis. He could only manage symptoms and provide palliative care.

The Isles of Falariabel was doomed.

One morning, Juelz Hogan is invited to the royal breakfast. He is served wine and meat. Nobody spoke to him and neither did they eat. They simply watched as Juelz chomped down on the best breakfast he has ever had. He licks his bowl clean and sits back in his with satisfaction and a smirk on his face. "What a reward!", he thinks to himself.

"SEE!", Wyatt exclaims standing up. "The Cursed cannot be cursed! He drank wine mixed with infected blood and swallowed flesh streaked with sickness, and yet he shows no signs of sickness!"

The royal family nods in agreement and looked at Juelz in amazement. Juelz, on the other hand, is shocked more than disgusted.

"I told you, boy!", Wyatt Arroyo says. "You are indeed our savior. I have found a way to channel the curse into your body. All the sickness from the people of the Isles will be summoned into your body...and you will never get sick! You can save us all!"

Considering the reputation Juelz Hogan had, given his father's past, and his duty as a physician assistant, he weighed the pros and cons. All he could think of is how many lives he would save and all the people that'd love him instead of banishing him from the Isles. He then proudly accepts to be their savior.

The Necromancer does his thing. Juelz "The Cursed" Hogan was now the only cursed human in the Isles of Falariabel. He absorbs all the sickness that loiters on the Island and renders the infected healthy.


As a result of channeling the curse within himself, Juelz starts showing weird signs. The curse was too powerful for Juelz to suppress it silently. For every person that should have died a painful death, he lost a hair from his head.

Soon, Juelz Hogan becomes fully bald. Losing every hair on his body except his eyebrows. His body then starts growing spots since there was no more hair. It started from his feet and worked its way up. Now Juelz Hogan was bald and had spots on his face.

The people of the Isles love Juelz for his sacrifice. He becomes the hero. The bards sing songs in his name. The crown commends him for saving his land. They treated him like a celebrity...for 3 full moons.

By now Juelz Hogan was the only man on the Isles of Falariabel with spots on his face. He looked different. People found him repulsive. They grew intolerant to every new spot that popped up on Juelz Hogan's face.

As a result, the people of the Isles decide to send him off the Isles to look for a permanent cure. But Juelz Hogan knew better. He was one of the cleverest men in the Isles. He knew the people didn't like him for his appearance and the permanent cure was just an excuse to send him off their piece of paradise.

"Oh, how quickly they've forgotten the good I've done them.


Juelz Hogan leaves the Isles of Falariabel and lands at the doorstep of Umayr's Crossing. In his heart, he knew it was useless to pursue the people of the Isles of Falariabel and that they'd never give him back a place in their piece of paradise.

He hiked the Mountain of Nusayr and set camp at the summit. He lived there for a few moons and survived with the few skills he picked up at Shaytu's river.

That is when a bright light shined right in front of him. It was so bright that the sun felt like the butt of a firefly. Out of nowhere, a man with a shadowy beard jumps out from the light.

"Hello there, Juelz Hogan. I am Christopher Battle."


Christopher Battle, a robotics engineer who has pioneered space and time travel. He uses his inventions to battle the evils of the worlds.

Juelz Hogan seemed hesitant at first, but he thought Christopher was an angel so approached him nonchalantly.

Christopher Battle explained to Juelz Hogan that he and Fuelz "The Rich" Hogan had met before. In fact, it was Fuelz's contributions, which Christopher auctioned in the future as antiques, that helped him build his technological empire.

However, Christopher Battle only found out about the curse when within the space and time realm after Fuelz's death. While in the realm, Christopher conducted a thorough scan of the disease and had come up with a cure.

"You are the only one who can break the damn curse. We could formulate the meds right now right here. Chop Chop you know?"

"Really?", Juelz asked in disbelief. He had worked on this sickness for years now, but a man with a weird accent and a very funny monocle could cure it within minutes?

"Hell yeah, dude! You have the right set of antibodies that suppress the plague. I'll add some primers and we'll clone them real quick, you know? But that's your wish. Consent is important, my guy. You wanna do it or what now?"

"What if I do not want to do this?"

"Well, it's a curse. Science got nothing on medieval, alt-world curse stuff. You may be channeling the plague to yourself, but they'll still die painful deaths unless you break the curse. Also, the next generations are going to be born with the disease, and they'll have both painful lives AND deaths. Damn!"

"The cure sounds like a tenuous job."

"Not at all my dude. Science is cool like that. I have the serum all prepared in this gold earring. All you gotta do is wash it with a drop of your blood and drop it in the main water supply of the Isles of Falariabel...and the people will be drinking and bathing in the cure."

At this moment Juelz Hogan looked back at his life. He thought about how his people treated his father's death. How they killed his mother. And how they had banished an innocent little child to the Shaytu river. He thought about his struggles and what he had done for the Isles. And yet, they still banished him. He knew they weren't grateful now and won't be ever.

Juelz Hogan touches his own face feeling his bare head and spotted face. He pokes the earing into his earlobe and smirks as he mutters:

"Accept what they give and take what you can."


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