Walking inside my dreams
My mind is troubled with shadows
Just like a puzzle
Trying hard to solve the puzzle
I can't understand, my life hidden in the dark
I think is falling apart

My light is gone
Black thoughts are moving inside my head
Troubling my mind with evil thoughts
All inside my room crying in the dark
No hope of survival for me

My mind is weak
I can't continue this dream
I'm giving up
I won't make it this night
A voice screams inside my head
Still inside my dark room

My soul is been cursed by the demons
They are trying to take my life
I can't win this fight
I just lie on my bed
And wait for the final doom from the demons

Here is starts again
I'm choking to death
I can't breathe
My heart beat is slowing down
My demons are dancing around me
Here comes death

I can feel my soul living my body
My demons are screaming
Dragging my soul to hell
My empty body is left on the floor
I'm lost in this nightmare
All inside my troubled mind..

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