I cannot let go of you

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I need strength to fight for your love
Even though I'm not a fighter
So hard for me to handle
I must stay put in my heart

I think of you day and night
Most of the night,
I dream about you
Is hard for me to think when you are always in my thoughts

I can't hide my feelings from you
Give me one more chance to love you
I will never love another person

My love for you is tearing me apart
I hurt you badly
But I will never hurt you again
You are so precious to me

You are the missing rib in my body
I'm incomplete without you
I have been searching for you all my life

Now that I found you
I don't want to lose you again
I know you hate me for the things I did to you
I regret my actions back then

Please forgive me for my silly actions
Stop me from giving up
And take me back into your heart
The memories we had,
Are my happiest moments ever.

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