Performing better even after failure


If you try new things and take risks, sometimes you fail, this is the flip side of all this innovation. Sometimes it is not a sin to mourn the unfulfilled: in the end, your hope was lost!

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I always try to leave myself the opportunity to feel sad when something goes wrong. To say the magic words “It didn't work” several times until I myself realize it, and move on. It is especially difficult for conscientious people; They would try everything in the world before admitting defeat.

At such times, Remember that you need to learn from your mistakes to become a better person and have a better result another time.

When you fail the next time, simply ask yourself, "What have I learned?" "What will I do differently if I ever find myself in a similar situation?" Share your results with your coworkers and upper management.

For those in positions of leadership.
Conduct project autopsy on a regular basis. In my experience, assembling a team shortly after starting a project, whether everything is going well or not, is a really valuable technique for determining what worked and what did not. When the project gets off the ground, ask the team, "What didn't work out very well?" Also, be more humble.

Start the debate with positive things, something that makes you glad, if the endeavor fails. Finish with a discussion of the lessons that can be learned from this setback. Keep in mind that failure is merely a stepping stone to achievement. Even now, it appears that everything is gone to you.

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