Never be a lone wolf!



It is critical to understand and love one another, protect, respect, and inspire one another.
It is critical to be everything, a lover, a partner, a friend, don't blame, believe, and be inspired.

How crucial it is not to lose each other in a fit of rage,
Then, not to shatter the joy of life, not to rend the melody apart at the chorus time.
Pay attention, and make your life a fantastic fantasy.

Together, walk through life, side by side, with the freedom that does not take away but rather gives.
And bask in the native sight, which fills the heart with joy.

And if you've ever slipped while trying to establish the universe for two, and all your aspirations have been shattered like glass, you're not in any hurry to drive other people.

Perhaps you were given challenges in your life so that you might grasp how vital it is to live a life of love and understanding, but that these feelings must be valued.

After all, it's only one life. Is it worth it, humiliating, to cry into the pillow because there is no happiness
And to live in close quarters, with sadness and later a smile.
After all, the family cannot be saved without love.

Do not live a life of a lonely wolf; you should believe in love and happiness, and you surely deserve one.

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