Alternative Treatments for Those Suffering with Asthma

What I have done to ease my asthma symptoms and reduce attacks.


I have suffered with asthma my entire life, I know what it is like to not be able to breathe. I know the fear that comes when you cannot seem to get air into your lungs and the pain that comes along with it. I understand how headaches come from not getting enough oxygen and how it makes you tired. Having asthma affects your life every single day. You take inhalers, pills, steroids all so you can do something that others seem to take for granted, breathe.


There are other ways to deal with your asthma, ways that can all but cure you of the disease. First, if you suffer from asthma and smoke you must stop. I know this is easier said than done, I myself am a smoker, and work every day to cut back and eventually be smoke free. Sometimes I think to myself, how can you continue to do this breathing is important, not nicotine. But that does not stop the cravings, so I understand you are not going to be able to just quit smoking but it is imperative that you begin cutting back immediately.

The second thing you can do and I have done personally is get rid of the carpet. I had carpet through my entire house, once I got rid of it and got hard wood floors, my asthma calmed down a lot. I did however keep my area rugs until a few weeks ago when I hauled them out to my shed, it amazed me how much of a difference this made in my breathing.

My third tip has to do with indoor animals. I have been told many times to get rid of my dogs or put them outside, I would never tell anyone to do this because I understand they are part of the family and you wouldn't pen up your family. This is what I did, normally my dogs slept in my room at night, and they were in and out all day long. I have now made my room an animal free zone, this did take some getting used to but now the dogs know they are not allowed. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night having attacks.

Finally, I had to change a few things I was personally doing. Deep breathing several times a day will ensure you are getting enough oxygen and it helps to keep your lungs strong. I have personally noticed this also reduces the number of asthma attacks I have had. Taking omega 3's has also helped me a lot it is thought to help decrease inflammation which we all know inflammation in the bronchial tubes is what an asthma attack is all about. The last thing I changed was my exercise, I was never really over weight except maybe ten or so pounds so I always let exercise slid. Telling myself if I exercised I would have an asthma attack. This is untrue, begin with simply walking a few minutes a day, five to ten minutes a day can really change your life. This will help build your lungs and make your body stronger. You will eventually lose weight and all of this will help ease your asthma.

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