Will Supply Matter As Crypto Scale Up? - YES!



Let's face it, we are in times where a lot of people will run into debt, all these trillion supplies cryptocurrency are fuckin traps, easy route to jeopardizing ones financies. Trust me when I say I've had aches trying to gage what exactly is gonna happen in coming times, with crypto in place, what changes that are not already here would we observe?, and we've all seen it up for a debate that "supply" won't matter in coming times, but whoever said that, was tripping (if I did, then I was equally tripping)...


I suppose everyone is used to Asians involvement in cryptocurrency markets, and probably quite aware of their flavored activities. The numbers the markets are attracting is insane, but what's more alarming is the guts flowing into trillion supply coins, like I can't possibly jump from an overprinted bank to an over minted digital currency, is that a joke? Asian investors are running the markets and I'm pretty sure they have the tools to get the most out of it. The pumps and dumps volumes are quite from there, the USA is not known to control that big of gutty investors, Nigeria's trading volumes are mostly from P2P trades, which is basically the USDT markets, the country controls just around 400 BTC, so this all goes back to Asians running the markets.

Take a look at this…


Top 5, all shits, daily volumes over a million dollars, overtime, that's some hot cash that unfortunately, a large number of that will be controlled by one continent "Asia" and the shitcoin markets will be down the drain…

I've been thinking whether or not to jump on AVAX, I mean I was sure it was going up right from $60, and it's already doubled that. The pain and uncertainty comes in where I'd have to forfeit some other coins for it, though I strongly believe it stands the test of time, so might pretty much be in it when I stop thinking and decide. However, for those vouching that "supply" won't matter, I sure wonder where they are gonna print those cash to sustain all those trillion supply assets, it's bullshit when most holders of the largest currency won't be willing to sell it when it starts hitting higher figures. Imagine an economy backed by bitcoin, where does that place empty coins with no developments? If you ask me to predict what 1 Satoshi will be worth in ten years, I will simply tell you "it will be worth 1 Satoshi"

People will eventually quit asking what bitcoin will be worth, and start asking what other cryptocurrencies will be worth traded against it. In the long run, don't be deceived by billionaires, do research and get on a projects you trust to scale through it all, and you're golden. If hard money is easily spent, what becomes of easy money? It leaves in a flash!

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