We're in a scarcity effective economy no one would want to miss...

When I think of the amount of control centralized money institutions have on our wealth, I find more reasons to be a bigger gambler in this space. Truth be told, most of us weren't exposed to the inner workings of these sectors until crypto was made. Possibly, Satoshi may have been a hurt customer to these institutions and he decided to build around it, a system that distributes power, giving value to rights as it remains as such on literal terms. If the government knew crypto would be this big and fancied, they would have tried to knock it down at its early stages.

When I pick points from what "scarcity" and "limitations" has fueled in Nigeria, I tend to see reasons why we're currently in the loudest crypto bull run, it's gonna be flowing through the air waves. Relatably, the Chinese move on prohibiting centralized sectors from operating cryptocurrency transactions will exact an equal, or possibly much more effect on the crypto economy. This effect, however, isn't a negative one. Some folks are already making references to Uniswap volumes surge, believing it's as a result of centralized crypto exchanges dropping activities. Kucoin, known to be a hub to varieties when it comes to cryptocurrency, made public to its local users to close positions and withdraw funds before 24:00 (UTC +8) on December 31st, 2021. As far as that sounds, it's quite around the corner, while I was reading through these headlines in full, I did actually miss the date, but coming back to see the date, that it wasn't so immediate per se, which means there's bigger shits that could happen in a bit.


Greener Waves

Some guy on some day was making references to a Chinese operated crypto called "Qtum" and "EOS" right after. I've been a bit lazy to dig into the origin of these two, but according to him, they are operated by the Chinese government, meaning it's a reputable asset, kind of, in china. His conclusions were that I buy any amount possible, he sounded really sure of what was coming. Though the Chinese government's recent movements may mostly be unclear, but let's face it, these guys are wiser than this and there's no way they ain't cutting massive profits from it. In an attempt to gain world power, these guys are still pretty much in the game, accepting bitcoin turns out to be the weaker approach to restricting it. I mean compare the days of El Salvador and this current China restrictions phase, which is greener?

It's all about the mentality!

Bitcoin and crypto, generally, still have a couple of years to gain a stable ground, thereby flipping the economic setup of the world. As of now, there's a big whale game going on. The Chinese government understands the laws of "Demand and Supply" their efforts on printing better products but falling shorts proved this overtime. The clothing industry lost against Italy, the Chinese product dominated the markets but the Italian piece cost way more, the high supply and market acceptance didn't fill their greed bag, scarcity with demand birthed value. We're bound to see numbers we can't actually tell where it's coming from, people will aggressively buy up literally every shit (solid shit actually) in the markets. Notably, shitcoins will have a tough time, so be warned shitcoins lovers. Taking points from Kucoin's update, this will restrict a lot of trading volume that has been fueling the shit loads industry, however, could you think of an asset available on all exchanges currently?

You can't possibly be sleeping on bitcoin right now, and expect to wake up happy!

BTC is the best medicine, diversifying is a good game of gambling, when you know how to do your research perfectly. Let your guts lead, not greed!

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