Public Awareness - the first phase of crypto economy



Most of the time, I view crypto as a mechanism that will fuel a self elected economy. The world is moving back into a pre-existing version of itself. Yes, everything was once self-managed, fair per se, and it's all readopting that model through digitalization. More than 300 million people are aware of cryptocurrencies, that's a number larger than most successfully managed countries. I mean if by centralization, such numbers have scaled on a sustainable note, what more of an enormous economy with tokenization as the center of the art?

Every centralized financial institution is aware of the buying power of digital currencies, since the creation of the internet, it is no doubt that developments have been fancied in great numbers, and most of them have lived up to their expectations, so I don't doubt that crypto will replace fiat in coming times. The prices of these currencies at this point is nothing but temporary, to me every other crypto being priced against the dollar may be fair now, to determine its exchange rate against bitcoin in future. Maybe bitcoin's intrinsic value will be decided upon when the days of the dollar are over, it is however one reason why I strongly believe we're living in times where generational wealth is being created but so many ain't seeing it right in front of them…

Public Awareness - the first phase of crypto economy

Every internet buzz is such an advertisement, and here we are living in the abundance of it. We barely have to walk up to people and lay out lame theories, the government is helping us with that. I've come to realize that the first phase of crypto education will be entirely independent, the knowledge will be self attained. With news filling the air, people won't need a big building turned into a class for Crypto studies, that's basically a flaw when the magic is on the internet, people will embrace the internet for that knowledge.

Fiat is basically valueless at this point, there's no Fiat Currency with actual value, these entire talks of Fiat being backed by one shit or the other are lies, we were made to believe there's any such thing and we grew in the understanding that such was "value" I mean have anyone ever stopped to ask why a dollar is seen as such a powerful currency yet a VVS chain cost thousands of it? Why can't these chains be the store of value when they cost that much dollars? Maybe there's a missing piece of this entire puzzle, but believe me, Fiat is only a shit note whose value is predetermined to favor the already filled bags.

Crypto changes that. You can't print value out of thin air, before one is able to buy "value" it has to have already been agreed upon as valuable. This is the reason most crypto projects, of recent, let the community decide upon the price value of its currencies, this is the economy of the people where everyone is self elected and influences the system based on individual decisions, there's absolutely no way around it, crypto is inevitable…

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