Limited Supply Assets Will Kill The Game

If there's one thing I've learnt from playing around the cryptocurrency markets for the past few days, is how limited supply assets class never actually disappoints for the most of it. A lot of people may find it appealing to throw cash on literally any shitcoin during this period, but they've failed to realize that DCA works effectively on these limited supply assets. Let's take SFP for example. I think I will most likely keep referencing this cryptocurrency because it was my first ever trading pair. SFP has a max supply of 500 million tokens, and currently only about 100k in circulation. This isn't hard math, it's just as simple as determining time required to complete a job based on the observed required labor force. How so?

Shiba has become a very popular shitcoin in the crypto space, it has actually outperformed dogecoin but I would prefer to own none! When I look at the buy/sell wall of Shiba, compared to that of limited supply assets like SFP, I realize that it's easier to cut profits from SFP than Shiba. How do you intend to see a massive break out from a wall with billions of tokens piled up with close price differences? That's harder than getting a stripper to fall in love for real. The SFP market had limited number of tokens stacked up, with both close and wide price differences, this made it easier for every buy and sell order to be effective, it made it easier to see a drop in price to buy in and also easier for a pump to be observed within a short period of time.


How Does One Prepare For This Bullrun?

I've been closely following aggressive crypto analysts and shit posters since I joined this space, I would say that it's been of great value to have myself think through their brains. Most times, how writers present their work could get you having the wrong impression, but let me just sound it now; If you ain't diversified at this point, you're bound to find yourself in a spot still close to where you are now, or worse

This is however, not financial advice, but here's the message "Diversification" and here's my strategy ;

Buying At Least A Unit Of A Couple Limited Assets

I learnt the annoying lessons when a coin worth 20$ turned $400 in a blink, and that's BNB I'm talking about. Has anyone ever actually stopped to check if any cryptocurrency with a max supply under 500 million is underperforming? I'm yet to see any, but I'm actually seeing one that could take everyone by surprise and that's ;


The Thorchain crypto RUNE is currently valued under 8$ . That's still a sweet cheap price compared to where it will be in this bull run. A possible 100×? Note that I ain't talking 100% growth but 100× I find it satisfying to accumulate this low supply assets, I currently can't present a chart but numerous new assets have joined the pie, I've moved my trading over to binance as though it's more reputable for this period, the recently observed occurrence on Okex was kinda ugly. That said, I believe the best strategy would be to be as widely spread as possible, when one isn't performing, another one will, the beauty of the collection profit will be observed on the smiles on our faces. Shitcoins will go wild yes, but trust me, 95-98% of the gainers will be involved in those pump practices and those FOMOing in are liable to get rekt…

The cryptocurrency market at its current state is gearing up for madness, a single unit can print thousands of dollars, no two words about it.

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