How You React To A Dip - Just Cause You Hold Hive



I'd really love to say that this is me, but I ain't think I got enough pussy gut to try this shit. I got some NFTs overview all drafted but still unable to get it to a full stop, worthy of publishing I guess. Did you all see the dip? How well did your bags hold?

Fuck Gala, it's a potential project I keep being a freaking weak hand on it every little time, and right back, it runs up on me and makes me regret, yea, thrown away easy money there, but that's not anyone's problem, is it?

Everyone is prolly wondering why we experienced a dip, once again, and I'm pretty sure they all be expected a logical explanation which they don't already know of, but oh well, here's a simplified video for a simple mind; :)

The Markets Is At Its Price Discovery Stage

Of everything said on this video, this is just one statement that covers the whole lame theories we all keep coming up with. The waves ahead may seem so strong, and at the same time, the current atmosphere may feel so weak, it's all a phase defining its little beginning. The cryptocurrency market is pretty infant, though it feels big, yes, the idea is huge, the developments are rapid and the design is totally out of this world, but the independent markets remain infant, considering the amount of wealth therein, which totally outweighs the number of participants. The number of users has to increase, for a less volatile atmosphere. At this point, it's just a game of whales flaunting their wealth, one can only ride the wave if he/she swims closely behind.

Back to Hive…
HBD Deposits would be ideal for

I've been playing around like I mentioned before, been tryna milk some cash as we await a new atmosphere here on Hive, and I must say that paying a 1% fee for deposits is sad, for me who's still walking the path, aspiring the millionaire status… 0.25% fee is such a bliss, and that is why I think adding HBD Deposits to would really take it to the next level (@leofinance)

I personally don't know how difficult it would be to implement, but it would really be some stepping stone, I find myself (and others, I presume) making lots of HBD Deposits to Hive Engine, and heck, 1% of 100 HBD is 1 HBD and heck, I don't wanna pay that much:)


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