Getting Paid On Twitter Is Probably The Biggest Joke Ever!

Jack Dorsey has been one famously known for pulling some pretty funny censorship stunts, this makes him no different from Mark Zuckerberg in terms of running a centralized network. For that, I've always seen Twitter to be less of what people think could ever have a decentralized network, which was teased some time back as bluesky. Though Jack Dorsey is also known to be invested in Bitcoin and fully seen through value in the network, I still couldn't possibly think of a better joke as being paid on Twitter.


Today the official Twitter bitcoin tip feature was announced to be in session, using any listening enabled wallet, people can now send tips across the globe on Twitter. Twitter alone has had lots of tip bots running on it before now, but the Strike app works differently since it enables remittance transactions totally free.

Though most people may see this new implementation as a big deal, in a way, it is, but in some other way, it's extremely centralized!

According to a Twitter blog post by Esther Crowford

“We want everyone on Twitter to have access to pathways to get paid,” said Crawford. “Digital currencies that encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send each other money across borders and with as little friction as possible — help us get there.”

It's a big achievement to get this running, and clearly, it gives room for some amount of crypto utilisation, but however, getting paid on Twitter, is a red flag to me. Therein lies some amount of risks using the system, risks that ain't about the network flexibility, no no, rather, risks posed by Twitter's censorship nature…

Though Jack has been up to a lot when it comes to putting the word about crypto out there, this was observed when he talked about building a decentralized exchange, this was actually funny, coming from a CEO of a central network. Just like the bluesky network which is supposed to function as a decentralized media, Twitter features of getting paid are pretty much equal set ups.

You must be 18+ years old to enable Tips or send someone a tip and agree to our new General Tipping policy, which we've designed to keep people safe on our service. This policy will guide our enforcement actions and, as with all of our rules, we'll continue to publicly iterate on this work as more people use Tips globally.

Not surprised there. There are rules to follow and I did see a lot of "must'' in quotes while reading through the shit old policies. I couldn't actually find the free to use network in quotes there, so this is more like a centralized network utilizing a decentralized currency and making it seem appealing. Notwithstanding , the best option would be to add a direct bitcoin address to one's profile to receive tips, every other option is exposed to hell lotta risks. We'd have to watch how this unravels, but the truth remains that Twitter doesn't actually have the potential of a web3 network, it's way too central to appreciate the economy.

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